5 Ways of Healthy Living

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“Health is our biggest wealth”, we all are well aware of this fact. But the question that we often ask ourselves is, are we really healthy?

If we are not what can we do to be one, or if we are how to maintain the same. The quick answer to all these questions is, “by maintaining a lifestyle that you can follow for long and that keeps you moving towards a healthy direction.

Do you remember that 80:20 rule, which says 80 percent of workout and 20% of diet will help you to achieve your desired fitness goal?

But I believe “both workout and a healthy diet plays a crucial role in helping you achieve your fitness goal”.

In today’s time where we hardly walk out of the house and only move for the things, Alexa doesn’t do for us. It is important to spare at least 30 minutes every day following any workout routine.

So today let’s scroll our eyes to 5 secrets of living a healthy life and make them a part of our routine and start a journey towards self-care.

1.  Adapt nutritious eating habits

Want a healthy lifestyle, what else can help than right and healthy eating habits. Nutritious food will not only help you to grow but will also help to glow internally.

Your body needs a complete package of vitamins and minerals to develop. Eating different fruits and vegetables will help you to follow the complete nutrition requirements of your body.

All fruits and vegetables have different nutrients present in them. You can choose among different varieties of them.

Not only the fresh ones but now you have a choice to keep your home stock up with frozen fruits and vegetables for regular use like frozen berry or cherry.

To make your food even healthier you can add some microgreens or different leaves to them. You can purchase them online and get delivered to your doorstep by searching for any of them, for example, “basil leaves online”.


Or you can always keep dry fruits near your home and boost your body’s nourishment. My highest preference among dry fruits is buying getting dried apricot online. A huge amount of calcium present in them makes bones stronger and since they are low in calories, apricots support weight loss too.


You can choose your favorite among varieties of fruits.

(P.S. They are tasty, healthy, and have a long shelf life, there is absolutely no reason to not think about them.)

There are many more options that can provide you a healthy lifestyle.

2.   Say no to Alcohol

No doubt alcohol can make you feel relaxed or happy, but cutting back to alcohol consumption will not only have you save your liver but will help you save your pocket money too.

You can choose to say “No” to alcohol for any of your reasons. It also makes your body dehydrated and reduces the energy level. If you cannot just cut off alcohol, I would prefer you to limit the amount of consumption and switch your habits to drinking wine.

3.   Sleep is important

This must go without saying, a sound sleep nourishes your body. Sleep relaxes your body and makes you feel active. But did you know sleep is also responsible for increasing the metabolism of your body, it helps in nutrients absorption, and supports proper growth and development?

No matter how nutritious you eat, it may end up not being absorbed without proper sleep. It helps in making your mood fresh, reduces the chances of many health problems like diabetes and health disease, and makes you think more clearly.

So along with healthy eating habits, for a healthy life, you need to sleep at least 6-8 hours every day.

If you face challenges in getting a sound sleep, try working out, taking a warm water shower before sleep, or read stories at bedtime. These things help me, I hope they will help you too. If you still face problems in getting a sound sleep, I would recommend you to consult a specialist.

4.   Regular Excercise

Getting regular exercise will not only help you to attain a fit body but will also help in getting proper sleep every night.

Isn’t it a win-win situation?

You can choose your own way of working out, you can go for yoga, cardio, aerobics, dance or just walk.

You can also choose any online training assistant and plan your workout routine without even stepping out of your comfort zone.

5.   Diversify your plates palette

A simple hack to eat healthy and delicious is by expanding your plate palette, i.e. consuming a different variety of fruits and veggies.

Use as many colors as you can for your palate. Proving your body as more colors in form of food will help you to eat right and consume different varieties, therefore you will get multiple nutrients at once.

Every fruits and vegetable have different varieties and every variety ensures a different nutrient value.

For instance, a variety of mushrooms which is a button mushroom is a good source of vitamin D, it provides high fiber and increases immunity. On the other hand, black fungus mushrooms help in calcium and phosphorus, they support reducing cholesterol.

Similarly, different fruits and vegetables provide different health benefits, and consuming varieties will boost the consumption of the nutrients of your body.

Sum Up

Keeping for body healthy forever includes adapting healthy habits that go on forever. You cannot follow the habits for a limited time and expect a healthy body for life. The process should be a part of your lifestyle.

So start eating healthy and living healthy with microgreens.

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