6 Ways to Keep A Company Party Exciting

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Corporate events can be odd at times, especially when it comes to parties. For many companies, professionalism is one of the most valued principles in the workplace. This is probably the reason why offices and managements seem intimidating at first glance. The office structure and workplace decorum also play a role in setting the atmosphere for different events – which can be apparent at parties.

From catering services at company parties to the structure of activities, it’s always nice to thin the line between enjoying and working. Parties are also some of the best ways to balance the office environment and make sure that everyone eases up every once.

Collaboration and communication are both vital aspects of working in a company. These can also be done successfully if employees are nurtured with good and healthy relationships. Relationships that are mostly focused on work might not work for everyone. And so, strengthening relationships and amplifying the company spirit can also be achieved from parties.

But, what exactly can companies do to provide a good experience for their employees? How can company parties be exciting for people in the presence of their bosses and colleagues? Here are some of the best practices to do it:

Play Some Games

Playing games is a great ice breaker at any type of party. It allows participants to be competitive (in a good way) and work together at the same time. This makes a good option to introduce a bond among employees too. If you think that employees need more time to be acquainted or get more comfortable around each other, playing games jumpstarts this easily. This is especially true and helpful if games are played in groups where teamwork can be enhanced.

Playing games is also a fun way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the company. Are they good at strategizing? Are they good leaders? Do they follow instructions well? These are some of the things that can be observed both in games and at work. Overall, if you aim to make your parties fun and inclusive, games are your go-to all the time.

Choose the Right Foods

Just like what many people believe, eating is a social activity. Bonding through food is a tried and tested way of strengthening relationships – be it with family or with friends. This can be the same in the corporate setting. People can connect through food, especially when it is both tasty and well-planned. 

One of the most diversified points among humans is taste. Everyone has a different preference for how they want their food to taste. Catering and addressing these differences will result in a more favorable response to company parties. Also, make sure that you offer energy-boosting and mood-making foods that will keep the participants alert and active.

Experiment with Activities

One of the most dreaded perceptions towards the corporate world is its almost routinary practices that make employees feel like machines. Everyone is doing the same thing every day and there is little to no room to change things up or be more spontaneous in accomplishing tasks. If this is the same for your workplace, try to be experimental on every corporate that you do. This should also be the same for the kinds of activities that you will plan as well. 

For example, try a seating arrangement that mixes people from different departments and positions. You can also play around with your party location and move around the office every now and then. These might only require minor tweaks when it comes to planning, but these can impact the employees’ experience well when done right.

Collaborate on Charity Work

Company parties do not always have to happen in the comforts of your office or a function room. The majority of people in offices sit around for almost their entire shifts working on tasks, you can improve that by doing charity work. Go out and choose a community to help. This can be a specific organization or a location, but the most important thing is to unite everyone to lend a hand to others. 

You can also organize a party in a community and celebrate with them. This way, everyone will also get to meet new people as well as learn more about life. This creates an experience that is not only memorable but life-changing as well. Professionals mainly work to improve on their skills and be better at what they do. But, giving them something inspiring and worthwhile to takeaway makes each moment at work meaningful.

Incorporate Hobbies

It is given that in a company, you will meet people from different walks of life. People will be coming from different backgrounds, cities, upbringing, and experiences. With this, hobbies are also likely to differ for everyone. While hobbies vary for each employee, it is always fun to incorporate their hobbies in your company parties. This gives them a sense of belongingness as well as visibility in the company.

You can host a design contest, a cheerleading competition, a talent show, a movie marathon, or a sports fest. These are some of the things that people are passionate about. Injecting them in your company parties will keep employees excited and interested to not show up but participate as well. At the end of the day, company parties should always be about making them relax and have fun. Thus, inclusiveness is an important aspect you should not forget.

Appreciate Achievements

Showing appreciation to employees is vital to boosting their morale and job satisfaction. This is why you should make efforts to make sure that each employee is valued and felt in your company. To be able to do this in a more laid-back and fun manner, you can allot a portion of your company to complementing people who excel at what they do. To do this, you can have an awarding ceremony or a recognition program. 

Awarding employees in parties leads to a rewarding feeling for them This can also make them look forward to not only your party but to doing better at their job too. Psychologically speaking, this is an effective way to motivate people to improve. Affirmation is a great practice to develop for both company parties and daily work life.

Key Takeaway

Attending a company party can be difficult for some, let alone planning one. For decades, there has always been tension on the work-life balance. And people don’t always know how to act on company events. This should not be the case for anyone – ever. From catering services to party proper, everything has to be planned mindfully and wisely. This is to make sure that every participant is included and is guaranteed a good party experience.

By playing games, choosing the right foods, experimenting with activities, doing charity work, incorporating hobbies, and appreciating achievements, you can make your company parties more exciting. An exciting party leads to happier employees and happy employees are key to a job well done.

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