Best Hidden Camping Sites Near Mumbai

Due to the heavy crowding and pollution, Mumbai, the city of dreams, can get very claustrophobic at times. With bothersome traffic and a never-ending stream of people on the streets, the heart longs for a brief respite in a more serene setting. When you look up in the city, you can barely see the stars. A pleasant camping vacation near Mumbai, on the other hand, is exactly what you need to recharge from the exhausting city hustle. Fortunately, the Sahyadri range is only a few hours away from Mumbai, so you can always travel down to feel closer to nature and calm. In fact, a camping excursion complete with bonfires and stars sounds ideal for a weekend escape near the city. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top camping spots and locations to visit around Mumbai. Pack your trekking gear and head out for a night camping excursion near Mumbai. Furthermore, there are various camping places near Mumbai where you may go stargazing! Here are our picks for the top ten camping spots around Mumbai.


Pawana Lake

The most popular camping spot near Mumbai is Pawana Lake. The glistening lake has drawn a slew of millennials and travelers looking to spend a relaxing weekend. Pawana Lake, which is conveniently located between Mumbai and Pune, is an excellent camping location. Almost every weekend, people travel here to escape the city and be embraced by the enthralling wilderness that surrounds Pawana Lake. You may conduct a variety of activities here, such as swimming in the lake, barbecuing, lounging around the bonfire and playing games, stargazing, and other camping activities. Rest certain that the camping location near Mumbai will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Bhandardara Camping

After Pawana Lake, Bhandardara has to be one of the most popular camping spots near Mumbai. Bhandardara, located near Igatpuri, attracts a large number of campers and travelers who come from the city to escape the noise and pollution. Bhandardara Lake is a popular camping spot near Mumbai. You can either bring your own tents and drive down to the location for a camping and stargazing adventure near Mumbai. Alternatively, you can sign up for one of the weekly camping tours. It is a popular destination for people who want to go camping and stargazing near Mumbai. You’d have a terrific time at Bhandardara’s tranquil setting.


Karnala Camping Site

Karnala’s quiet campsite is about an hour and a half’s drive from Mumbai. The campsite near Mumbai is popular with campers because it is directly next to the famed Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort. Many people choose to drive down from Mumbai or Pune to camp at Karnala. The location provides a great lot of natural serenity. You couldn’t wish for a nicer area to camp near Mumbai, with birds chirping in the background and an incredible waterfall placed within the campsite. During the monsoon season, the surroundings come alive with unusual sounds.


Kundalika Rafting Camp

Kundalika rafting camp is widely regarded as one of the best in Maharashtra. A few hours’ journeys from Mumbai will take you to one of the best sites to the tent and stargaze. It is a popular destination for thrill-seekers and campers. The setting is beautiful, with trees and vegetation on all sides.  The experience is surely soul-stirring for anyone looking to escape the chaos of daily life. You’d have a terrific time camping and stargazing in the vicinity of Mumbai. 


Igatpuri Camp

Igatpuri, tucked away by the Western Ghats, is a great camping spot near Mumbai. You should definitely check out Igatpuri for camping and stargazing near Mumbai for a fantastic weekend retreat from the city. Many camping areas along the lake in Igatpuri are suitable for your camping and stargazing experience near Mumbai. You can bring your own food or arrange a lunch because there are booths nearby. When you go camping in Igatpuri, you can expect a calm sunset followed by a night of astronomy. It is one of the top camping and stargazing spots around Mumbai.


Prabalmachi Camping

Do you enjoy trekking and want to learn more about the Sahyadri range in Maharashtra? You will love a journey to Prabalgad Fort in Maharashtra. It is a medium-level trek that is a lot of fun for trekking aficionados. You can take in the gorgeous foliage as you hike up. Prabalmachi is also well-known for being a popular camping destination. During a trekking adventure, it is common for people to visit the neighboring areas of Prabalmachi. While you’re in the area, you could take a diversion to Kalavanti Durg, an easy one-day walk. Kalavanti Durg, once known as a watchtower, is a steep yet easy climb. It is one of the best stargazing camping spots around Mumbai.


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