Best Offbeat Treks in Indian Himalayas: Discovering the Unknown

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Trekking and adventuring tourists from all over the world have been to the Himalayans to find new trekking paths. They have come to the top of a new and unknown mountain. The Himalayas have some of northern India’s greatest hiking destinations and is a big hot spot for travelers. Each valley offers offbeat vacation spots. The Himalayas has something for everyone from a weekend, fast treks to advanced mountain ranges. If you are an offbeat traveler and are looking for some wonderful new adventure hiking sites in India, then this blog is here to give you an idea of some of the Himalayan offbeat excursions that will win your heart. Allow me to take you virtually on a ride on some awesome off-beat walks in the Indischen Himalayas without further ado

The Tale of Two Cities

Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

How do you explain this trek, is the tale of two cities. This trek is every mountain enthusiast’s paradise, starting from Kullu Valley in Manali, up the Hampta pass and then witnessing the beauty of Spiti Valley. Within an hour, the landscape changes, one hour in the lush green wades, and one hour on the riverside, on the snow line, you might be walking. Hampta Pass Trek does not provide you with a taste of two sides of the State, nor any of the toughest treks in Himachal. If you can also reach Chandratal lake, alternating with Pangong Lake in Ladakh due to the weather conditions.

Kalicho Pass, Jammu Kashmir

You must take permission from the Temple of Banni Mata before going over the pass and only three lots will pass through this pass each year. The lots must complete the journey within the specified time period and all these laws are strictly followed. This walk will test your physical and mental strength in the rawest trek on our list. Do this for your satisfaction as soon as you reach the pass. One of the many unexplored hiking routes in India, it will be a useful way to find trails.

Brahmatal Trek, Uttarakhand

Brahmatal is a high winter walk for snow fans. The temperatures in winter night not so much in physical activity dropped to -5 degrees Celsius. Winters do not involve many treks, but the Brahmatal trek is one of India’s best offbeat winter treks. It stretches over miles through the thick forest opening up to the snowfield. The end of the walk will take you to the top of a mountain that seems to be within touch of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti. The view of the Roopkund Trek is also available. Not many walks offer a high-altitude lake, but Brahmatal walk gives you two high-altitude lakes trekking experience.

Har Ki Doon Trek, Uttarakhand

The last movie of the journey is the right one to take when listening to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. Har Ki Doon trek is a trek that’s known as a stairway up to the stars. There is no other trek like this steeped in Hindu mythology. The view on the mountain overlooking the Har Ki Doon Valley, which is thought to be the way that Pandava went to heaven by Swargarohini, is unique. The view is unique. You will find a different Garhwal Himalayan’s ancient village on your way, some 3000 years old, on a journey that takes you back to that time.

Sandakphu Trek, West Bengal

If your hopes were ever fulfilled if you wanted to go cross country trekking. The Sandakphu Terminal provides views of some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, including Mount Everest and Mount Kenchenjunga, and the Sleeping Buddha, from India to Nepal. You will walk alongside Sleeping Buddha for the most part of this trip. The path is as complex as it can be geographically. The Sandakphu Trek offers one of the best trekking experiences in India, ranging from mountain tops, ridges through dark alpine forests and Bamboo forests. Your Instagram profile gets the boost you were looking for with a picture-perfect sunrise and sunset.

Kashmir Great Lakes, Kashmir

If you’ve ever wanted to go traverse, your dreams have come true. The Sandakphu trek offers a view from India to Nepal of some of the highest peaks in the world, such as Mount Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga and Sleeping Buddha. You will walk with the sleeping buddha most of the time on the trek. The path is as diversified as it can be geographically. The Sandakphu Trek offers one of the best trekking experiences in India, ranging from mountain tops, ridges through dark alpine forests and Bamboo forests.. Your Installation profile is getting the boost you needed with a perfect picture of sunrise and sunset.


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