Best share trading platform for extra income in 2021 from online trading in India

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The demand for extra income increases day by day


Everyone wants to go beyond their monthly income. Today, as a result of inflation and abnormal rise in commodity prices, everyone is in dire straits. how to buy shares The current financial situation of the country has become a matter of great concern, especially for those people who are not financially too much strong or wealthy. So everyone wants to earn extra. Many are inclined to do something outside of a fixed monthly salary or a certain amount of income.




The alternate way of extra income now a days becoming most popular


And one of the most popular ways to earn this extra income is to trade shares. Although stock trading is nothing new, it has been around for centuries. However, in the past, most people used to think that it is better to avoid this path of income. The reason for this is the panic over the news of stock market ups and downs, the fear of losing money by investing in the stock recommendations for intraday as well as the potential for loss. So for a long time, most people have been comparing this field with gambling.


Circumstances for getting entry in the field of share trading used to be years before


The reason behind this is excessive rumors about the stock market and a lack of proper knowledge about this field. This is because previously no infrastructure or education system was available or easily available to impart accurate knowledge about this field. So without experience in this field, the only way was to rely on stock agents. Just as many people have benefited from the advice of share agents, also many people have lost their money too. On top of this, there is also the commission of the agents, whether you got profit or loss. And the second way was to invest in this field and gain experience through investing in shares many years of gains and losses but to become a mature player in this field. It would have cost a lot of money to drain in this field. So people would come to this trading field with a lot of extra money in hand and the risk of losing that money in the stock market, and of course, those who have that financial ability. Moreover, opening a trading account or a Demat account was not an easy task.


How situation has changed now and share trading became so easy


However, the situation has changed a lot at the present time. It is now much easier to invest in the stock market. best online trading platform in india, the situation has changed a lot at the present time. It is now much easier to invest in the stock market. Investing in the stock market is much easier now because in the online age, like other fields, stock trading has also become an online platform. So at present, a lot of people are leaning in this field. People are becoming risk-takers, becoming financially supportive and wealthy stock traders by removing the conventional information about the stock market. So you too can easily become a profitable stock trader by sitting at home using your laptop or just your smartphone with your internet connection.




Facilities of online share trading platforms


Not only that, now there are various online share trading platforms that have brought us the benefit of share trading with zero brokerage charge or little brokerage charge. Apart from that, there is no need to worry about opening share trading accounts, i.e. demat accounts, but all these things can be done in one place online. By logging into a trusted online trading platform, it is possible to buy the preferred stock by judging the share rates and previous performance of different companies. Now the question is where to find professional training to work in this field? intraday stock tips There are currently a number of organizations and individuals who are successful in this field and they are providing offline and online training with their experience, helping people to benefit. A lot can be learned by them at this core for a small amount of money. And there are also a lot of free video courses by professionals on YouTube about share trading. You can learn from there and start working in an initial way. Suggestions and courses are also available for free on online share trading platforms.


What are share trading platforms and which one is the best?



There are lots of online share trading platforms now a days in India. Some of them are web base and some are APP base. Such as


  • Zrodha
  • Upstock
  • Grow APP
  • Angel broking
  • 5
  • Sharekhan
  • ICICI Direct
  • Motilal Oswal
  • NSE Now

All above platforms are well known and trustable but few of them has bring awesome features for their customers and made it easier to use for new comers in this field.indian share market Now a days most popular and considered as India’s NO.1 share trading platform is ZERODHA. This company has their own trading APP ‘KITE’. You can easily register to this company  by providing few required documents and start trading immediately within few days of approval and your trading  account is ready with zero brokerage charge.


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