Diwali pollution can increase skin aging, care these days

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Diwali pollution can increase skin aging, care these days

But nowadays pollution leaves a deep impact on the skin.during Diwali, the level of pollution increases in every city.In such a situation, your skin is also involved in the damage done to the body.Pollution is also killed on the skin and it becomes extremely dry.Also, many types of troubles start to surround the skin due to the closure of the pore.So let us know the skin damage caused by air pollution and ways to avoid them.

Skin moisture causes redness, rashes and eczema. At the same time, poisonous substances dissolved in the air cause untimely wrinkles, stains and fine lines in the skin. So let us know how we can stay away from all this. 

Water is an effective solution

All the beauty experts are advised to drink as much water as possible. Drinking water keeps the body as well as the skin hydrated. Because of which he is not afraid of getting dry and losing moisture. After the end of summer, the thirst seems less and people are careless about drinking water. Drink lots of water if you want to preserve the beauty of the skin. At the same time, consume fluids in sufficient quantity during this season. Actually, liquids contain anti-oxidants. Which help in getting the toxin out of the body easily. 

Cleanse the skin

Large dust particles present in the air get inside the skin. Exfoliate with a scrub daily if you want to care for the skin. Rub the layer of scrub on the skin daily with light hands. For this, you can make scrub at home. Grind walnut peel, mix sugar and olive oil in it and massage with light hands. This scrub will help clean the dirt on the skin.

Sunscreen is important

If you want to get out of the house, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen provides a layer of protection over the skin. Which prevents smog and dust from entering the skin. Sunscreen also protects against ultraviolet rays. 

Domestic facepack is effective

Skin care at home is both easy and cheap. If you protect the skin from the side effects of air pollution, then rub a piece of raw papaya on the face daily for a while. It removes the blackness of the skin and also prevents pollution. Also, the natural enzyme present in it helps the skin to shine.

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