How To Draw A Pencil And Paints Rain

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How To Draw A Pencil And Paints Rain?

All the rain perceives in different ways. Someone makes it sad, another happy jumping in puddles, and the third generally begins to write poetry inspired by an unclean environment. Have you ever wanted to portray this wonder of nature on paper? Consider how to draw rain in pencil and watercolor.


First, in front of him at the table, all that could be useful in drawing ideas. Workplaces should be well illuminated and free of unnecessary things.

So, what tools are needed:

  • Sheets of paper
  • Crayons, pencils, crayons, or watercolors.
  • A glass of water.
  • Palette (small plate for mixing paint).
  • Rain photos (if needed).


Before you draw a rain, you need to get acquainted with him. This will help make the pictures more realistic. Find different images of rain, mist-rain and consider them carefully. If possible, then catch a raindrop or hand dress. A great look at the trail of falling water. Especially nice rain on a sunny day, when he is iridescent.

When you draw a rain or mist, remember what you saw as a drop. So, it will be easier to focus and practice the landscape.


Be sure to consider all the details you need to draw. Rain in dark or sunny weather, in a wooded area or a city, is heavy or not. All this will affect the picture if you want to make it realistic.

Paints Rain

So, what is particularly important to consider when raining an image:

  • Shady and the reign of gray.

Usually, when it rains, the sky is tightened by clouds so that the sun becomes visible. In this case, a picture requires to perform in a restrained coloring with a predominance of gray. Darker colors need to be applied to all painted horizontal surfaces, thus mimicking moisture.

Near objects need to reflect in the picture. The rain will hide the background of things but because they are almost invisible.

  • How to draw a rain depending on the region.

On asphalt or concrete surfaces, puddles accumulate faster. The soil absorbs moisture. But this does not mean that forests and hardly need to paint pools.

The pool, even the smallest, is always visible to nearby objects. As it is to play the role on paper? Just double things elongated vertical spots.

  • Additional features.

Rain can accompany lightning, the appearance of circles in the water, and running people under umbrellas.


  • Step One. First, you think through what you want to draw. For example, a man walking in the rain.
  • Step Two. Schedule pencil horizon.
  • Step Three. Schematic depicting the silhouettes of a man or woman. The head may not see because the person covers with a newspaper or umbrella.
  • Step Four. Sketch an umbrella or newspaper.
  • Five Steps. Schedule background objects (roads, houses, clouds, trees, lights, etc.).
  • Step Six. Now the details Draw a man with an umbrella (or newspaper).
  • Step Seven. Eraser erases unnecessary lines.
  • Step Eight. Draw objects in the background.
  • Step Nine. Add shading and shadows.
  • Step Ten. Draw the rain itself. It can play the role of a patterned, long line, dash with a curved tip or ordinary drops. In all the pictures in the article, rain is drawing differently. Pay attention to it.

Paints Rain

Figure in pencil ready. If you need it, you can give it a color. Coloring is the only single thing, and you pass the picture of a unique atmosphere.


Figures immediately begin to perform paints. Don’t be scared to serve without a pencil! Let’s get started.

  • Step One. Paint the gray paint clouds. This will clarify where it rains.
  • Step Two. Blue paint is slightly diluting with water on a palette. Should get a constant liquid, a little fluid.
  • Step Three. The resulting dip the brush and draw the outlines of tiny droplets. Vertically remove rows, move better from top to bottom.
  • Step Four. Draw a medium-sized drop.
  • Five Steps. And then the biggest.
  • Step Six. Now fill the blue paint drops slightly diluted with water. This will produce the result of clarity.
  • Step Seven. Allow drying pattern.
  • Step Eight. In large and medium-sized drops, make a slight movement of white glare. The shower turned out similar to a real one.

Paints Rain

How to draw torrential rain? Decide slope drops. Draw them with thin vertical sickle lines.

As you can see, the summer scenery is not as rugged as it seems.

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