How to finance your wedding the easy way

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A marriage today comes with an equal share of frills, thrills, and not to mention – huge bills. Marriage is undoubtedly the most important event in an individual’s life that marks the union of not just two people, but the families. In India, the sanctity and importance of marriage are huge. It is filled with style, royalness, and grandeur. One starts planning for the marriage of their children when they are just kids. It is a long string of events crafted together as a wedding and has various ceremonies and rituals in place. One needs to consider marriage expenses, before deciding the dates and finalizing them. Starting from venue, gifts, rituals, and outfits, Indians always settle for a big fat wedding. A wedding loan is one such relief that allows you to enjoy it by arranging the fund in time.

A wedding loan is just a personal loan that helps you to enable any expense related to your special day. You can use the fund for anything that comes up, after or before your wedding day. It is easy to have one if you meet the eligibility criteria and have the habit of settling up a loan within time without any default. Get ahead and celebrate in style.

What is a wedding loan?

A wedding is an equally important aspect like planning for retirement and future finances. However, even after planning a wedding for years, something surely falls shorts due to various reasons. That is when a wedding loan is taken up to meet those last-minute expenses and plans. A personal loan for the wedding is a personal loan indeed, that is taken up to meet the wedding-related expenses. It is flexible and can be given any shape for keeping up your wedding expenses updated. A wedding loan is collateral-free and quite affordable for one to afford and use it at the time of crisis.  There are online platforms like Clix Capital that help you get a loan from the comfort of home at a minimal documentation process. Make sure you keep your eligibility criteria in place, for easy approval.

Wedding expenses that can be covered

Pre-wedding shoot: It has been a tradition to make memories before tying the know with your partner. This pre-wedding shoot includes a lot of expenses like outfits, photography, location, and various props. It cannot be missed as it helps you in making lifelong memories that you would cherish throughout.

Bachelor parties: It is important to celebrate your bachelorette party as you won’t get back your single days. Partying with friends and family to enjoy your single phase for the last time can be covered with a  wedding loan.

Wedding: The wedding is grand and includes some great rituals that are so much fun and grand. The bonds are strong and so are the number of invitees, making a huge impact on the expenses. From the grand venue to luxurious gifts and outfits, an Indian wedding surely needs financial support. You can expect a wedding loan to be very helpful if you are looking up for a perfect wedding day.

Things to consider before taking a wedding loan

Draw a budget: A good financial plan always starts with a budget. Make a list of all the expenses that you will be covered under the wedding loan. Since you are borrowing, you must make the right use of money. A budget will help you to plan your expenses in the right order without wasting funds from wedding loans.

Compare the various loan providers: When you are seeking out a wedding loan, make sure you are going for the right deal. There are a lot of things that need consideration like rate of interest, tenure, authenticity, rates, charges, and principal amount. If you compare some good options, you will surely get hold of the right deal. This will enable your smooth borrowing experience and also make it easy and affordable.

Manage your finances: A wedding expense is a scar for many years after the wedding is over. One needs a lot of planning to manage this crisis after it has been done. Make sure you plan your finances in such a way that your wedding loan repayment is done on time along with all your fixed obligations met properly.

Choose the right EMI: When you take a wedding loan, you need to have the right EMI amount that you need to pay monthly. You need to understand your ability to give away a part of your income in paying your debt. Choose the EMI in such a manner that your EMI deduction does not affect your everyday expenses.

Wrapping up                                                                            

Wedding loans are very popular in India, as it is not less than a common affair. You need to take an instant personal loan online from Clix Capital and then spend on all the wishes that you always wanted to. To make borrowing easy, it is better to use a personal loan calculator for all your expenses.



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