How to Find a Retail Space

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Does the area bring decent foot traffic? How much square footage do you need? Finding the right shop for sale or retail space can be complex. To answer these questions, you probably need to hire an expert to accommodate a favorable lease.

What are Retail Shops or Spaces?

Retail space is a physical section where retailers sell products and services to customers. A place where the business is usually owned and managed by a retailer and sometimes by a manufacturer or by someone other than a retailer is sold primarily to ultimate consumers. Retail spaces are also convenient, by public transport or by car.

How to Find a Retail Space

Finding a retail space

Finding a shop for sale or retail space can be time-taking, and it’s best to take your time here and ensure that your location fits all of your criteria and budget.

Here are some steps to discovering the perfect retail space:

Location: Your location will give you the total number of potential customers to go by your door. Try scoping areas or shop for sale where your target customers live, where the store can profit from more foot traffic, and where there are other businesses you can partner with, send customers their way, and vice versa.


Measures the access or how easy it is for shoppers to get into a store. Typically, this leads to vehicular access. For retailers who trade in large items, like home furniture stores, parking should also be a top consideration.

Square footage

Ask yourself how much space do I need? or how much space can I manage without getting too much burden? Search about the cost per square foot of stores that you relish and estimate how much inventory you carry.

Budget: Once you decide how much square footage you need and how much it typically costs, you must set an account and adhere to it. There’s no reason to take on a retail space you can’t conveniently afford.

Review of Retail space

During each inspection of retail shop or shop for sale, analyze the following things: street parking, a nearby parking lot, or on-site parking is available or not. Status of the area that

you need to take on any major or minor renewals to get it ready. On-site amenities, merchandising displays, and size that whether you have enough room to fit inventory, employees, and customers comfortably.

Hire a real estate expert

Searching for retail space or a shop for sale on your own is not an ideal option, especially if you don’t have any knowledge. We recommend selecting a commercial real estate expert with expertise in the retail industry to help you find a great location within your budget, negotiate a favorable rate and lease terms with the landlords.

Settle a complimentary lease

Before you sign any papers, ask an attorney who practices in commercial real estate. They can evaluate the lease, bring any red flags to your diligence and make sure the deal is in your best interests.


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