How to Recover from Any Google Penalty

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How to Recover from Any Google Penalty?

The worst nightmare for any webmaster is getting penalized by Google. It will waste your lot of hard work. It affects the rankings of your website as well as your website’s traffic. You can feel difficulty in facing this situation. But you need not to lose all hope because it is possible to recover from Google penalty. If you want to recover from it then there are different methods to do this.

Google Penalty

It is basically a punishment to a site. When a site violates the search engine’s guidelines then the search engine penalizes it. If the search engine’s ranking algorithm updates then also it can impose the penalty. Or if you follow the strategies of black hat SEO then it will penalize your site. What is the purpose of these algorithms? If a site matches the quality standards of the algorithms then these will reward that site. How these standards will be met is given in the webmaster guidelines of the search engine.

For what reasons Google penalizes you?

1.Unnatural links

– Your site’s content and quality can be measured by means of backlinks. You can be in problem if the search engine finds a link as the paid one. Their examples are:

· If the site’s footers and templates have links.

· If the forum’s comments have some optimized links.

· If these are present in the widgets of your website and are keyword-rich, hidden or low-quality.

Here the search engine will penalize you without giving importance to the linking value.

2.A content that is duplicate or of low quality

The goal of the search engine is to provide the best experience to users. However, if this value is not given to them by your content then the search engine will penalize your site. Its examples are

· Affiliate pages that are thin

· Low-quality guest posts

· A content that is scraped

· Doorway pages

· Automatically generated content

Your search traffic can get affected with this penalty.


If you build a spam website then the search engine will penalize you for this. Also, a Spammy freehost that can provide you free or cheap sites is not good for you. The search engine can impose penalties on all the websites that the Spammy freehost provides. So, don’t pick a Spammy freehost for building a website. Any further growth of your site can get hurt if your choice is wrong.

Penguin and Panda are the two algorithm updates of Google that serve as the bases for algorithmic penalties. Now let’s see these two penalties

4.Panda penalty

When a site publishes a content then the Panda algorithm checks the content’s quality. If the content is not good then the search engine will impose a Panda penalty on it. It doesn’t matter that the site’s one part has issues, the penalty will be imposed on the complete site. It will penalize you for the following things

· A content that is poorly written

· Brand searches

· Inbound links

· Duplicate content

5.Penguin penalty

It is related to backlinks. It is important to note here that only specific pages are affected with it and not the complete site. The factors responsible for this are

· Link velocity – If in a short time a site acquires a large number of links then we cannot consider it as natural.

· Link quality – The quality of the backlinks can be high or low. The search engine will focus its attention towards you if your site has a lot of links of low-quality. On the other hand, if your site has a lot of links of high-quality then the search engine will suspect you.

· Link diversity – If by making the use of comments section, the backlinking is done then the search engine will not consider it as natural. Also, if the anchor text is the same in a large number of links then it is unnatural.

Identifying the problems associated with Google penalty

· Manual action – If the actions of humans are responsible for penalizing your site then take the help of Webmaster Tools of Google. These will show you the reason for penalizing the site. The recovery process can take place on this basis.

· Algorithmic penalty – The search engine will not send you notifications about the penalty. You have to check it on your own. If your traffic goes down for a longer period then it indicates that an algorithmic penalty has been imposed on your site.

How to recover from Google penalty?

· Remove backlinks that are bad – You need to get rid of the links that hurt the rankings of your site. Suppose you want to remove the bad link of a site then it is important for you to send an email to that site’s webmaster.

· Disavow a complete domain – You can disavow a domain if you want to recover from a penalty. Just get on the “Monitor Backlinks” and click on the settings button. Then on each selected link add a tag. After this choose the “disavow” tag.

How to fix a Penguin penalty?

First remove all the unnatural or bad links. Then use Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker to see the anchor text distribution. After identifying the anchor text’s source, you need to send the webmaster an email. The links will be removed by him. But if he doesn’t do that then go for the Disavow Links Tool.

How to fix a Panda penalty?

First find the pages with poor navigation, poor content and slow website speed. You can delete these pages after using a no-follow to these.

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