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A study by International Data Corporation (IDC) found out that eighty percent of smartphone users check their phones within fifteen minutes of waking up.

A study by International Data Corporation (IDC) found out that eighty percent of smartphone users check their phones within fifteen minutes of waking up.

From the moment they wake up, their minds are exposed to the manifestations on social media- they are exposed to what others are eating, wearing, doing, liking and are subconsciously influenced by this newly found knowledge.

The above mentioned are just a modest example of how influencer marketing is part of our daily lives. This article will divulge a few hidden impacts of influencer marketing on customers.

Influencer marketing cites the use of influencers for marketing purposes on social media.

Influencers refer to those people who possess the ability to shape the perception and decisions of others by the use of social media.

Following are a few predominant impacts noted by Confluencr that influencer marketing can have on customers

Product Exposure/ Brand Exposure

There are three billion active social media users worldwide. Social Media becomes a favourable platform to raise brand or product awareness.

In Singapore alone, there are about five million active social media users.

Influencer marketing not only reaches out to a huge amount of the public but also solves the difficulty of ad blockers.

The most ideal for brand exposure are macro-influencers. This is because they have a wide following. Thus, their broadcasting can reach a vast array of audience.


aps on Herd Mentality

The term ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out) phenomenon is being used in the modern language quite frequently.

As the name suggests, it refers to the anxiety of missing out on an event or a trend happening somewhere else. Influencer marketing is specifically into that.

The networking scene has been revolutionised by social media by allowing us to look at the lives of various with a simple click. The constant updates we obtain about the lives of others are entirely subconsciously influencing our decisions.

Influencer marketing ascertains an activity or a trend that everyone else is doing. It fiddles on our innate desire to be a part of the majority. It does so by edging us to try out particularly the experience that everyone else is doing.

Shaping of Perception

One of the bridges that connect brands to customers is influencers. The chosen influencers by brands act as representatives for brands.

The content has the capability to shape the understanding of others regarding a brand and its products.

Positive associations can be brought to the brands influencers are working with.

The public often assumes that if a captivating influencer is encouraging a brand, the brand must be appealing.

This is a subconscious technique driven by priming, a method whereby exposure to one thing influences a reaction to a subsequent object, without conscious intention or guidance.

For example, Adidas have used influencer marketing to advertise themselves. By collaborating with influencers who are deemed as ‘cool’ to be a part of ‘Adidas Neo’ campaign, the brand is attributed to the cool image these influencers have.

Sparks Curiosity

Influencer marketing is predominantly used for sparking curiosity and create hype.

If we take the example if CirclesLife’s influencer marketing campaign. They got influencers to test a cash dispensing machine that provides 50SGD for one 3SGD put in.

These influencers updated their followers about their experiences online, giving them no context about who was behind the entire strategy.

When it was eventually disclosed that the people behind this was the telco company, the event had already gained considerable attention.


● Builds Trust

Influencer marketing helps create between customers and a brand largely because of two reasons.

Firstly, influencers are often recognized as experts in a particular field. For instance, popular influencers are professionals in fashion. Hence, we are more inclined to give attention to their recommendations about fashion brands and pieces to wear.

Secondly, influencer marketing hits on word of mouth marketing. Influencers put a lot of time, efforts and energy into nurturing a relationship with their audience.

Therefore, followers of these influencers are more willing to put their trust in what their favourite influencers say about a brand.

If for instance, we take the fashion company, Zara, who had launched the hashtag ‘Iamdenim’ campaign, a combined design project in which a brand worked with “real people” to manufacture clothing for “real people.”


Influencer marketing works in numerous ways. We are subconsciously influenced by what we consume online, even if it does not propel immediate purchases. Ultimately, it moulds the way we think and processes thoughts without us being wary of it.

The influencer marketing campaign is not just about conversion or awareness it goes beyond that. A campaign’s success is not just into sales but also in terms of its recall value, the kind of audience it achieves. Also how your audience relates to your campaign and if you were able to make a lasting impact can determine the success.

An influencer marketing campaign can be made in different ways. Even while creating a campaign you can come up with your strategies and tactics to impress your audience. Make sure to be versatile about your campaign ideas and don’t have a conservative approach towards it. Stay updated and be unique.


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