In India, FoSCoS for FSSAI License: A Food Licensing and Registration System Replacement

The commencement of FoSCoS for FSSAI permit in India will serve all the food business administrators with FSSAI Registration and licenses alongside administrative compliances. In an assertion delivered on 30th May 2020, FSSAI said that it is en route to dispatching its cloud-based, food handling consistency stage to give licenses and enrollment to food organizations on a web-based stage recognized as Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS). Till now, the internet authorizing foundation of FSSAI – FLRS (extended as Food Licensing and Registration System) has given 70 lakh FSSAI licenses and enrollments. Almost 35 lakhs registrants or licensees are still effectively completing their exchanges. 

  • Beginning around 2011, the charge of food business permitting and enrollment lies in the possession of the web-based framework of authorizing FLRS. 


  • FSSAI Registration is springing its cloud-based, improved new internet-based stage for sanitation consistency. This novel web-based stage has the name FoSCoS for FSSAI License in India. 


  • It is good to supplant the current Food Licensing and Registration System. 


  • At this point, the joining of FoSCoS has occurred with the FoSCoRIS portable application. Later on in the process of everything working out, it would get incorporated with IT stages like FICS, INFOLNet, FPVIS, ETC. At the underlying level, FoSCoS would offer FSSAI licenses, enrollment, and review alongside yearly bring modules back. 


  • Later on, the FoSCoS for FSSAI permit in India would get coordinated with government stages like GST, MCA, PAN, and more to guarantee exhaustive revealing just as a confirmation of organizations. 


  • FoSCoS is a brought-together administrative stage that guarantees food organizations that there will not be any cheats identified with food business because of the incorporation of the PAN India reaction framework and progressed layers of safety. 

FoSCoS for FSSAI License in India: More Information according to FSSAI 

According to the assertion delivered by FSSAI with respect to FoSCoS for FSSAI permit in India on 30th May 2020, FSSAI is expecting to give one-stop answers for keeping up with coordination between the food business administrators and the office for any administrative consistent action. 


  • The streaming approach of FoSCoS will be actually similar to FLRS, so clients don’t need to confront any trouble in changing from FLRS to FoSCoS for FSSAI License in India. 


  • The arrangements identified with permitting for makers will be based on the normalized item list. 


  • Limitations on a wide range of blunders, just as fast admittance to licenses, are on the cards with the appropriateness of this framework from the first of June, 2020. 


  • Clients of the States/UTs of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Goa, Puducherry, Manipur, Ladakh, Chandigarh, and Delhi should visit https:/ They can sign in by utilizing a similar ID and secret phrase. 

Compulsory Steps to Follow While Migrating From FLRS to FoSCoS 

FLRS clients should follow the important advances given underneath after the FoSCoS (Food Safety Compliance System) get dispatched in their State/UT


  • Client IDs and passwords were in the FLRS, they would continue to be something similar in FoSCoS for FSSAI permit in India. 


  • Substantial FSSAI Licensed Food Businesses-Businesses of Manufacturing Type 


  • They should visit the Food Safety Compliance System subsequent to getting dispatched into the individual state. 


  • From that point onward, they should proceed with the check of insights about enrollment testaments/existing licenses on the dispatched Food Safety Compliance System. These subtleties incorporate Registration/License Number and Business Type Enrolled alongside its legitimacy, Name of the food business, and its location, and so on 
  • Investigate the normalized rundown of items showing up in FoSCoS for FSSAI permit in India and from the rundown, select the items that are under assembling, and alter the licenses without cost at the earliest opportunity. In FoSCoS, an item determination-based approach was embraced for serving the food organizations with alleviation at the hour of choosing normalized food items. 


  • Existing FLRS would keep on being useful to see, i.e., no exchanges would get permitted till additional revelation made by FSSAI so that enlisted/authorized food organizations can search for the insights about existing licenses/enrollment in the Food Licensing and Registration System. 


  • On the off chance that there would be any impropriety in permit/enrollment subtleties, take such issues before FSSAI. 

Substantial FSSAI Licensed Food (Businesses of Non-Manufacturing Type) or Registered Food Businesses (For numerous types) 

  • These organizations should land into the FoSCoS for FSSAI permit in India subsequent to getting started in their individual state. 


  • They should continue ahead with the check of subtleties as to their current licenses or testaments for enrollment on dispatched FoSCoS. Here, the subtleties join Name and Address of the Food Business, Business Type Enrolled alongside its Validity, License/Registration No. 


  • Till the time FSSAI made some further declarations, the current Food Licensing and Registration System will keep on excess usable to see with no office of doing exchanges. It’s agreeable to the enlisted or authorized food business to allow them to notice the insights about existing enrollment/permits in the FLRS. 


  • Carry such issues into the FSSAI notice if there should arise an occurrence of any wrongness in the permit/enlistment subtleties. 

Live Applications for Non-Manufacturing License and Registration Applications for New/License Modification/License Renewal/Registration 

  • Applications at the handling stage on which permit or enrollment has not been given till now would get moved to Authorities starting handling stage. 


  • Stage 2 is about Document Scrutinization regarding CLA. 


  • Stage 1 is about Fee Receipt just as Jurisdiction Check Confirmation regarding state DO. 


  • The application would get moved to the Generate Registration Stage in the Registration case. 


  • Specialists have gotten ideas to limit their pendency in the Food Licensing and Registration System (preferably to focus) to wipe out the re-handling of utilizations in FoSCoS. 


FSSAI has brought a progressive change by presenting FoSCoS for FSSAI License in India as a trade for FLRS framework as it will not be passing on spaces for deceitful exercises to happen in food organizations. From the first of June, 2020, FoSCoS would happen in the States/UTs of Goa, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Gujarat, Puducherry, Manipur, Ladakh, Chandigarh, and Delhi.


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