Know the home remedies to increase sperm count

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Know the home remedies to increase sperm count

Male also has infertility which is known as Namdar and eunuch. In fact, some of the wrong habits of men reduce their sperm count. But you can take domestic remedies to increase sperm count, sperm is called sperm in Hindi. Many times there is a mutual disagreement with your partner as well, he starts teasing this habit of yours.

Let us tell you that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a woman needs 15 per million sperm count (15 million sperms per ml) to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. A rate below 10 million per milliliter causes abnormalities, followed by a decrease in sperm count in men.

If we talk about India, at present 27.5 million men have had infertility cases. The total number of sperm present in a man’s semen is called a sperm count. The quality of sperm is most important during reproduction. Because of this , there is a decrease in sexual desire in men .

Home remedies to increase sperm count

Definitely do exercise and sleep

Many studies have shown that exercising helps in your weight loss. Obesity in many people also causes a sperm count deficiency. Apart from this, your lack of sleep also causes a decrease in sperm. In order to increase the sperm count in men, they should also exercise and aerobic for 50 minutes daily, along with that you should get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily.

Eat dark chocolate

Let us tell you that dark chocolate is also rich in amino acids along with antioxidants. It increases the sperm count of men as well as maintains the energy transmission in them. It helps in removing free radicals that affect the fertility of men. But do not eat too much chocolate, because it can also cause you to gain weight, due to which the body’s sex hormone, called testosterone, can decrease , which also reduces the number of sperm. One piece of dark chocolate is enough for the whole day. The darker the chocolate, the greater the benefit in growing sperm count.

Reduce stress

Stress reduces your body’s ability to think. Due to this there is also a decrease in energy. You start getting mentally ill due to stress, it increases anxiety . Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and do something that you enjoy doing. All of this will help manage stress. For men who are suffering from severe stress or anxiety, they can also consult our doctor.

Drink pomegranate juice

Many a times it happens that men are healthy but still fall prey to impotence and their semen gradually lacks sperm. To avoid this, you must drink fresh pomegranate juice 3 hours before bedtime, this will increase your sperm count. By taking it regularly, you can always avoid this problem.

stop smoking

Smoking continuously reduces the number of sperm. Indeed, a study conducted in 2016 reviewed the results of 20 other studies, including 6,000 people. In which it was found that sperm count is reduced in men who smoke continuously.

Stop drinking

When a man takes any kind of medicines, it can directly decrease the sperm count. Even excessive alcohol lowers testosterone levels and sperm quality and quantity in men. It can cause libido and even impotence in men .

Eat spinach

You must know that spinach contains folic acid, which helps to increase sperm count. It contains essential and nutrients. It helps in the production of healthy sperm. Unhealthy sperm grows when there is a deficiency of folic acid in the body. Due to which, sperm have difficulty in reaching the egg.


Ashwagandha, has been used in India since ancient times, in fact it is used for many types of sexual diseases. Let us tell you that a 2016 study found that 46 men with sperm count took 675 mg of ashwagandha daily for 90 days, increasing their sperm count by 167 percent. You can increase sperm count in your body by doing all these measures. Apart from this, you can also contact our doctor for any information related to this .

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