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As of October 2021, Solana has become extremely popular due to its scalability and mining efficiency. The platform easily handles nearly 50,000 exchanges each second, which is quicker than any other platform available. Moreover, since its existence, it’s always been on the list of high-performance blockchains. 

Additionally, interested people can quickly learn the Solana framework through reliable  cryptocurrency training. Looking at its widespread adoption, we can deem that it will handle more extensive cryptocurrency trading in the future.

Let us learn about some of the significant Solana-based cryptocurrencies. 

Table of contents

  • Understanding Solana
  • Workings of Solana network
  • The list of significant cryptocurrencies is based on Solana: 
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Audius (AUDIO)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Ren (REN)
  • Chain-link chain-link (LINK)
  • Arweave (AR)
  • Terra (LUNA)
  • Waves (WAVES
  • Closing Thoughts


Understanding Solana

Solana is a high-performance blockchain platform that comes with robust network efficiency and block explorer. Additionally, it is an open-source platform for decentralized applications. The platform runs under the Geneva-based Solana foundation. 

Its ecosystem is becoming more popular than ever for being a quick, safe, and censorship-resistant network. Moreover, its infrastructure is suitable for worldwide adoption. Another best thing about Solana is that it comes with nearly 250 services. These include tools, exchange, analytics, wallets, crypto applications, investment fundings, and many more.

Workings of Solana network

It works by providing exchange inputs to the ledger. Further, this ledger will line up the orders and information making it easier for nodes to process them. Next, the ledger runs the exchanges on the current state that gets stored in the RAM. 

Then the ledger will publish the exchanges and digital signature of the final state to validators on the network. Further, these validators run the same exchanges on their copies of the state, and once confirmed, they publish their signature for approval. Hence these confirmations help to achieve consensus within the network. To understand the framework better, you can opt to learn it from a reputed crypto advisor.

List of major cryptocurrencies based on Solana: 

Solana (SOL)

It has a total value of market capitalization of 9,305,818,052 dollars. SOL is a prominent open-source and highly functional cryptocurrency that runs over the Solana network. Further, it uses blockchain to offer decentralized finance solutions. In addition to this, it facilitates the creation of decentralized applications as a function of platform. The only aim of this project is to increase the network’s scalability by using proof-of-history and a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. 

Audius (AUDIO)

It has over 853 million dollars worth of market capitalization. At present, the cryptocurrency trading value is 2.10 dollars. Audio is a music streaming and sharing decentralized project. Furthermore, it allows straightforward exchanges between creators and listeners. Hence any creator can stream, share and monetize their audio content. 

Tether (USDT)

It has a total market cap valuation of 62,022,300,989 dollars, specifically popular for gas conversion into digital money. It also anchors the price value to the many national currencies like Euro, USD, and many others. Though the currency is quite controversial, it efficiently allows one-to-one pegged digital money to store, send, and receive. Further, Users can carry out cryptocurrency trading across multiple platforms, exchanges, and wallets. 

Ren (REN)

It has been in existence since 2017 with a market capital value of over 1,122 million dollars. It is an open-source project that provides liquidity and interoperability among various blockchain networks. Also, its inherent token bonds the running nodes that enable RenVM. Presently, it maintains a trading value of over 1.10 dollars. 

Chain-link (LINK)

It is one of the popular networks’ that uses a decentralized Oracle framework. Currently, its market cap value is around 10,500,570,703 dollars. Aside from being popular, it also offers the most dependable and tamper-proof inputs. Due to this quality, it can work with complex smart contracts on any DLT network. Also, it is based on a flexible framework to fetch timely information from any API. Further, it can incorporate with any blockchain actively. Which chain-link users get access to chain evaluation and timely data that maintains high-level security for the project. 

Arweave (AR)

The project has officially been functioning since June 2018, with a market cap of over 1648 million dollars. By definition, it is a storage network that uses decentralization to manage and facilitate indefinite data storage. Its formal name was Airchain. At present, it is trading at a value of 52.20 Dollars. Taking cryptocurrency training will give you an idea of the cryptocurrency valuation process in a better way. 

Terra (LUNA)

This project has a market cap worth nearly 5,832,831,352 dollars. It is specifically known as a customizable currency for the internet. Further, it works to process the availability of stable coins on every blockchain. Additionally, anchor protocols assist it to gain steady earnings with major PoS blockchain. Currently, it is live on Solana and Ethereum to decrease the uncertainty of big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

Waves (WAVES)

Since its launch in June 2016, it’s been proving itself to be a multi-purpose blockchain protocol. It is known to support multiple use cases that include dapps and smart contracts. Also, its inherent token is actively in use for standard payments. This token’s market cap value is approximately 2790 million dollars with a current trading value of 26.50 Dollars. 

Closing Thoughts

Salona is a growing platform and is a potential competitor of the biggest blockchain platforms in the market. With its continuous development approach and robust functionality, it can become the most extensive network to exist. However, like every other new innovation, it will take time to reach its maximum utility. Hopefully, the list mentioned above of Solana-based  cryptocurrencies gives you an idea of how big of a deal this network is coming out to be. 

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