Philip Anandaraj – 7 Ways to Drive Direct Hotel Bookings

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Philip Anandaraj – 7 Ways to Drive Direct Hotel Bookings


Direct bookings are good for hotels because they do not require commissions, unlike reservations made through OTA systems. With customers who book directly, it’s also easy to upsell and create relationships. The good news is that there are a few basic strategies you can employ to increase direct bookings for your hotel quickly. We’ll show you seven techniques to increase direct bookings at your hotel.


  1. Improve your website’s performance


To increase direct bookings, you’ll need a mobile-friendly, conversion-focused website. Because your website is frequently your customers’ first impression of your hotel, it must be quick, user-friendly, and current, with high-quality photographs of your hotel and facilities.

Not to mention the crucial role that quirky CTAs (call to action) play in engaging your audience. This ensures their guaranteed traffic which cannot be traded.  You can always learn more from Philip Anandaraj hotelier and his quality inputs on the same.


  1. Internet marketing


To increase direct reservations, hoteliers can leverage digital marketing tools and tactics. Online ad campaigns: Using information from your PMS to create targeted online ad campaigns (for example, visitor demographics most likely to book) is a terrific method to increase traffic to your website and gain more direct reservations.

  1. Loyalty schemes are a third option


Running loyalty programs is an excellent approach to encourage guests to book directly with you.


Members-only pricing and promotions can help entice prior visitors to return to your facility. Sending email campaigns to your previous guests with appealing offers and discounts is another strategy.


  1. The effect of a billboard


Do you know what the billboard effect is? The billboard effect is sure to enlist you on OTAs and hence make you a trustworthy hotel. To back this, here’s an example of Cornell University’s research that affirms that 75% of those who booked directly with a well-known hotel brand had first visited an OTA.

It doesn’t matter even if your ultimate goal is to make people visit your website directly because getting a good ranking on the OTA lists is also an achievement in itself- a major one. So, for this brilliant idea of putting yourself out there with a one-time investment.


  1. Incorporate a personal touch


Personalization demonstrates your gratitude to your visitors.

You can construct guest profiles using your PMS that include personal information they’ve supplied with you throughout the booking process, such as:

  • Birthdays \anniversaries
  • Allergies to foods
  • Requests for special consideration

This is a brilliant idea of building brand loyalty by simply sending some personalized emails to your customers on their birthday, anniversary, so on and so forth.


  1. Locate a booking engine that does not charge commissions


People will quit your website to book with easy-to-use online travel companies if your booking mechanism is complicated.


According to Euromonitor, a quarter of online bookings will be performed via a mobile device by 2024. With that in mind, responsiveness, or the ability to work on mobile devices, is one of the most critical features to look for in a booking engine.


  1. Respond to customer feedback

Respond to reviews swiftly and appropriately, much as Philip Anandaraj hotelier does. Before booking their trip, 95% of passengers will browse reviews. Reviews are becoming increasingly common as new platforms, forums, and directories emerge.


The process of getting direct bookings seems a little overwhelming but trust us, it really is not. You ought to follow the following points in order to ensure that you get direct bookings and at the same time, be known in the OTA market. So, sit back, read through our pointers, and let the magic happen.


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