Pros & Cons of Social Media Marketing

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Pros & Cons of Social Media Marketing                        

Social media has been extremely popular these years, and with more than 1,000,000 (one million) new users joining social platforms each and every day, it will be much more impressive. A small bunch of social media applications and destinations are presently the genuine spots where people interact, present what they’re up on, talk their heart out, share their encounters, and practically everything.

In this world of business, specialists accept that where there is the audience, there is consistently scope for marketing! That makes social media the ideal stage for brands to discover and associate with their designated crowds. As a businessman, you regularly catch wind of how social media marketing expert can develop your business. Does that mean social media has no drawbacks? At the point when you are in the digital space of social media where things get viral, you watch each and every step carefully.

In this way, today, we will talk about the Pros & Cons of SMM. This post will assist you with exploring the always extending social media world and make the best out of its unlimited conceivable outcomes while avoiding potential entanglements.


You can likewise consider this part – why social media is significant for business marketing for sure makes social media the best stage for branding awareness.

Social media marketing accompanies a large group of advantages and the main ones are as per the following:

Discover your target audience

Through SM, you can contact your particular audience from around the world in one place. That is something more compelling than TV promotions and paper classifieds which just transmission your message to all individuals (utilizing these stages) whether these audiences are your targeted audience or not.

Regardless of whether you are somebody who has confidence in contacting your crowd through email marketing, trust us, you will improve profits from the venture when you consolidate it with a social media marketing plan. Why? Email marketing may be good at changing over audience into customers, yet social media is the manager at expanding brand acknowledgment and awareness. Moreover, in the event that you execute compelling SMO methodologies, you will get customers through social media also.

In case that is adequately not, investigate these figures:

  • More than 44% of internet clients overall use SM for brand research last year
  • 200 million Instagram clients visit a business profile every day
  • 3% of Facebook clients purchase an item through the platform in 2020
  • 81% of individuals research items and services on Instagram

(The above measurements are referred to from Hootsuite.)

Always know your audience better and impress them better

You need to realize your audience better to introduce the right and applicable messages before them. Without knowing them, you cannot impress them. Social media is the stage where you can consider your audience, connect with them directly, and gain significant bits of knowledge. It’s an incredible method to realize people’s opinions on your brand.

When you know your customers better, you will actually want to convey more important and customized content to them, resolve their issues effectively, construct a positive brand picture, and refine your future procedures to additional upgrade the brand insight for your customers.

Build your own Brand Image

At the point when people see a brand advertisement, all they find out about it is its items/services and creativity level. On social media, you don’t need to get an expert camera each time you need to say something. You can get the news out even by utilizing moving images, gifs, hashtags, tests, etc.

By consistently using stories and posts on social media, you get an exceptional chance to refine your brand, make a passionate connection with your audience, and show how you think and work. At the point when people become to know you behind the scenes, they feel like they know you, they have a bond with you and at last, they begin confiding in you.

Use both paid and organic content

Paid ads can be fundamental, some of the time, to give a push to your reach and get some important leads that your business couldn’t discover all alone. Likewise, stages like Facebook support an assortment of commercials and offer extra highlights and guides for the individuals who need to run more intelligent promotion campaigns. However, paid content is costly and accordingly, great just for transient techniques.

With regards to being available in the midst of your audience, the least expensive and most believed way is organic content. You can make and post it for nothing. That is the reason businesses, particularly little ones, love sharing natural content. You can make and post as much organic content as you need without getting worried over the financial plan while getting beneficial leads.


Your content can get viral - the objective of most social media advertisers on this planet!

Your content can get viral – the objective of most social media advertisers on this planet!

Each business decides to become well known around the world. SM has the ability to allow this wish, given that your content is abnormally great, engaging, drawing in or whatever in a flash catches individuals’ eye. A huge number of individuals utilize social media each and every day. Consequently, on the off chance that you have content that urges individuals to participate in any capacity, you can become well known in a split second. If you can do it only once in a while, people may start looking for your brand.

You can also get traffic to your website and can enhance your website credibility on search engine

Making content that individuals like to read or engage in is something that doesn’t come simple yet isn’t out of your control. For that, you should explore your industry, stay refreshed and applicable, and become familiar with your audience. Moreover, social media marketing is certainly not a one-time thing. To direct people to your site, you need to persistently make heavenly content, including pictures, videos, advertisements, or instant messages.

In the event that you can arouse the curiosity of your crowd through your content or advertisement, people are bound to tap the button ‘Visit our site’ or ‘Shop on the site’. At the point when your site begins getting regular traffic, Google and other search engine tools consider your site more solid and really like to rank it higher than the ones that don’t appear to be reliable or get a lot of traffic.

Can measure your conversion on SM

First and foremost, it was difficult to assess the presence of your marketing endeavours on social media. However, presently, social media applications and destinations permit you to make a business page or profile or set up an expert record. Expert and business accounts make it simple for you to check whether you are improving, regardless of whether you are arriving at your intended interest group, the number of individuals are drawing in with your content, and that’s just the beginning. You can get every one of the measurements you need to know and afterward use them to additional change, improve, or enhance your content and social media marketing procedures.

You don’t have to pay a dime for setting up your business account

None of the huge social media organizations expect you to buy in and pay for making accounts. You can make more than one account (for various branches, countries, and so on) at no expense. The investment you need is your time and innovativeness. Assuming you have a group to deal with your social media marketing, incorporate that expense and there’s nothing more to it. On the off chance that you go ahead and go overboard, you can spend on paid promotions.


Indeed, even with social media marketing, you can confront issues in case things are not done the correct way. We should look at where you should be more cautious.

Your content can become famous online! (Try not to be shocked.)

Indeed, I have referenced this point as an advantage. Exactly the same advantage is a significant disadvantage also. Everything relies upon what you are sharing. In the event that your content shows uncertainty and individuals can invoke it the incorrect way, it can do a great deal of harm to your brand. Regardless of whether your post with delicate content is there on social media in any event, for a moment or few moments, it can in any case become a web sensation and ruin your standing and the goodwill you have made till now.

Take Dove for instance. It’s a major brand with a huge customer base. For quite a while, it has been sharing content (counting advertisements) that spotlights on enabling ladies and setting crude, normal, and reasonable guidelines of magnificence. Its missions have been totally effective consistently. However, it took just a single advertisement for Dove to get a colossal reaction from ladies all throughout the planet.

The advertisement showed a person of color who changed into a white lady with an altogether extraordinary appearance and race in the wake of utilizing a Dove moisturizer. The promotion wasn’t gotten well by ladies, particularly on the grounds that Dove publicizes itself as an advertiser of the reality ‘each lady is delightful in her own particular manner’ and afterward in one way or another posted a racially touchy promotion. That promotion made Dove appear as though it observes twofold norms.

Afterward, Dove erased the advertisement from Facebook and afterward delivered a proclamation with an accentuation on the significance of the survey.

So, any sort of slip-up – grammatical mistake blunders, wrong data, inadequate data, inwardly touchy content, and insensitive content – can mean making numerous steps in reverse as far as brand picture and reputation.

What to Do:

The best way to stay away from humiliation from such circumstances is to do a concentrated examination and a thorough audit. By thorough audit, we additionally mean to survey the content with various perspectives. On the off chance that newly made content has something that may hurt individuals or show your ineptitude in any capacity, kindly request that your imaginative group make changes or make completely new content if necessary prior to posting it on social media.

You can get negative input on social media.

In business, it’s not possible to satisfy everybody, and you can’t handle your customers from giving negative input. Loads of negative criticism hurt you’re positioning as well as decrease your reputation amount your audience especially those who are planning to buy your products. However, people ignore some negative reviews but if there are many negative reviews you may lose your customers.

What to do:

You can reply to all those negative reviews. Don’t leave your customer unhappy from some small issues. Post your positive review in a really calm way and try to resolve that issue if it can be resolved. Because a happy customer can bring your more customer and unhappy can take you out.

Result takes time

Result takes time

Understand, when you invest your money social media marketing agency India to create good strategies and plan according to your need so you want to see results quickly. But like Search engine optimization, social media marketing is also an ongoing process that takes time to show good results.

What to do: You can only focus on creating engaging and good content for social media and if you are doing good work the result will come over time just be patient.


Social media can be good for your business but it can be overwhelming at the same time. Doing everything correctly can take your brand popularity to the next level. And it also has the potential to bring your brand reputation down. So if you are looking for any social media marketing help, get in touch with us. We are happy to work with you and make your business into BRAND.

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