Life in the mountains is totally uncomplicated. It’s an old school experience. This takes us back to the basics where shelter, food and survival are the most important things in life. You will experience how insanely beautiful this world is. 

All the trekking trails in the Himalayas have a soul and you will love it when you get to see it in person and explore it. The higher up you go along the trail, the closer you get to the heartbeat of the mountains. Although all the treks are beautiful in their own way, Kedarkantha is a beautiful one. 


Winter treks have a magical feel to them maybe because of the snow all around. The surroundings all around calms the oceans within and around you. The Kedarkantha Trek is a beautiful one and here are the reasons you should go on this wonderful trek. 




The Kedarkantha Trek is a trekkable peak and one of the best in Uttarakhand. You get to rest at the base camp the night before the summit. You will have to wake up early in the morning around 2 am or 3 am and start your summit attempt. The experience of walking in the middle of the night in freezing cold weather is mesmerizing. The head torches lightning the way and watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain seems like the demo of summit attempts of higher peaks. The whole world around you lights up as the sun makes its grand appearance. You will fall in love with this grand endeavor to see and witness the beauty of the mountains. 




The view from the top of Kedarkantha trail is like no other. You will get to see the extraordinary views of famous peaks like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kalanag, Gangotri and Yamunotri range. As you go along the trail, you get to see hundreds of unnamed virgin peaks all around you. The mountains stand in the background everywhere you look like timeless art. This is a different world altogether that is untouched, untainted and absolutely still.


When you trek along the Kedarkantha trail, the campsites are your home all the days on the trek. It is a treat for your eyes after a hard day’s hike. The Kedarkantha trail has some of the most beautiful campsites ever. You will definitely fall in love staying inside the tents on the trail of Kedarkantha. The first campsite on the trail is close to Juda Ka Tal where you realise the slight change in the altitude. The basecamp is no ordinary one either. The campsites on the trek are not just beautiful during the day but also are extremely scenic at night too. 



You just need to be in the right place to see the magic in this world. The Kedarkantha trek is a trail blushing with beauty giving photographers an amazing visuala. Every frame is like a postcard image that is splendid. The snow falling from the pine trees looks like magic dust is amazing to watch and the grand Himalayas are absolutely glorious to watch. The entire trail is definitely a photographer’s paradise. 


You will never want to give up the opportunity to find out about the local traditions in the villages in India. The colourful traditions, rituals, festivals and food are all fascinating. Sankri is also unbelievably rich and unspoilt just like the trek. It is rich in tradition and is unspoilt by the progressive cities all around. You get to interact with the localities and get to know about their culture and habits. All the localities here are very welcoming and you will have a dun time to explore their lifestyle. You might also get to see the grandeur with which they celebrate national and local festivals in the village. Alao, do not miss a chance to try the local meal. The hospitality of the localities will make you feel right at home. 


You will definitely not come back empty handed from the Kedarkantha trek. The reward always seems greater than the effort of yours. The overall experience along the trail will uplift your spirit for a long time to come. 


Happy trekking!!!

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