How To Remove Ink Stain From Upholstery

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Want to know how to remove ink stains from your upholstery? Follow our simple tips and remove ink stain from any upholstery.

Tips for removing ink stains from upholstery

  1. Clean In order to remove ink stains from upholstery, wash the affected upholstery thoroughly. Don’t let it dry, as you might damage the upholstery. Using mild detergent, remove the ink stain by using a stiff brush.
  2. Use a soft iron after cleaning the upholstery; it is necessary to use a soft iron to soften the damaged fabric. Allow the fabric to dry completely before ironing it again. The fabric is stained by ink stain and it is important to iron it with some care in order to avoid any damage. Use a soft iron and iron the fabric without ironing the area if you are sure that the ink stain is not visible.
  3. Use detergents In order to remove ink stains from a fabric, you should use detergents. Apply detergent to the fabric, but make sure that the fabric is not wet.

What to do during the early stages of the stain

First, keep your furniture in a dry place as possible. Soak the material with water until it becomes slightly damp. The water will remove the liquid and you will be able to see the ink stain easier. How to remove ink stain from linen or other fragile fabrics Keep the area where the ink stain has appeared to the light and try to remove it with a soft brush. Do not use a chemical washer as it will do more harm than good to your fabric. Leave the ink stain for a few minutes and allow it to dry. Then gently rub it off with a clean cloth or a dry paper towel. How to remove ink stain from leather do not put a liquid chemical washer on the ink stain. It will damage the leather and also the ink will start to coagulate. Also do not use mineral spirits or other heavy detergents.

How to remove an ink stain from upholstery (if it has already dried)

Let your ink stain dry completely, either with heat, or a hair dryer. Most ink stains will come off on their own in a few hours, but if yours is really stubborn, you might have to try a few different methods. However, you can speed the ink removal process up even more by removing the fabric first. If the stain is very large, first pin the fabric to a wall. With this method, you can expect your stain to come off within a couple of hours. Using a heat pad on the fabric, the ink can be removed. You will have to heat it for several hours, just like with the ironing method. With a rag, soak the fabric in a solution of dishwashing detergent, white vinegar, and water. The stain will come off on the rag.

Final steps and aftercare

Clean your upholstery thoroughly with dry cotton or cleaning sponge. Wait until all the ink stain is removed before you put the upholstery back in place. This is important because the ink stain can harden with use and may damage the fabric if not removed completely. For those who use oil based cleaning products, leave it for at least three days to dry completely. It will be easier to remove the excess water in the fabric once the stain is completely removed. Before putting the fabric back into place, make sure to vacuum the area with the upholstery cleaning tool. This will ensure that the stain is completely removed. Do not put any fabric upholstery in a dryer, as the heat may cause the ink stain to return.


Ink stains in fabrics are quite common. It can come from leaking ink on writing paper, printer ink cartridges or from ink pens. Do not try to clean ink stains unless you are a professional expert because many stain removal methods can damage your fabric. However, some simple DIY methods will remove the ink stain.

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