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Indian footwears are the most liked footwears not only in India but all over the world. These footwears are not just available for women but they are available for men as well. They are comfortable and have good cushioning. these footwears are famous because of the different and unique designs and some of the Indian wear are handmade as well like jutties. These footwears have Zari, gotapatti, thread, stone and many other different designs. They are worn with sarees, lehengas, suits, kurta’s pyjamas and other Indian outfits. Women and men usually wear them at weddings or any other family functions. These are not only available in slipper styles but they are available as loafer shoes for men mules, and even shoes.

These footwears are available in all the colours whether it is black, red, blue, pink, orange, green, white, violet, yellow, golden, silver and many other colours. one can choose the colours as per their outfit. Indian footwears can be handmade and machine made as earlier they were made purely from hands but as big industries came in these footwears started manufacturing in industries as well with the help of machine. But one can find handmade footwears as well in big brands as well as in local areas. As Indian footwears are available every where whether it is mall, small markets, and other footwear stores.

Indian footwears for men:

Yes, even men have Indian footwears that they can wear with kurtas pyjamas or Indo-western outfits. Some of the common footwears that men can look for are as follows:

  1. Handmade Kolhapuri: they are thumb strap slipper also known as Kolhapuri men chappal. They are flat and have a very thin line strap that connects the thumb strap to the strap running at the top. They are comfortable and easy wear. They are made from material like wood, soft leather and other such material. They can be found handmade as well as machine made.
  1. Criss cross leather sandals: these sandals have a Criss cross strap at the top and are easy to wear. Made from soft leather they are super comfortable and are skid proof. They can be found handmade as well as machine made. They are the most preferred Indian wear sandals by men.Brown loafers for men
  1. Mojris: these are a type of jutties for men and are comfortable. They look super cool with kurta pyjamad. They are slip on footwears and are skid proof and water proof. They protect the whole feet. They are available as handmade mojris and machine made mojris as well.

  1. Mules: mules are slip on footwears that are backless. They are comfortable and look like mojris from front. they are skid proof and water proof. They protect the whole feet. They are available as handmade mojris and machine made mojris as well.

These were some of the common types of Indian footwears that men can look for in the market.

Indian footwear for women:

  1. Jutties: these Indian footwears don’t have any heel with them. They are worn under salwar basically. These types of jutties come in Zari, gotapatti, and many other works. You can find them easily in the market. They are officially handmade and provide a royal look. They can be used as daily wear. They are available in all sizes and colours.
  1. these mules somewhat provide a look like Indian jutties but they are open from back side of the foot. They are made from cloth and can be found with designs like gotapatti work, Zari work, stone work and other material. They can be worn with any Indian outfit like saree, suit, kurtas and many other Indian outfits. Customers can find them with heels and without heels. They are comfortable and provide a nice beautiful look to the women.
  1. flats: these are flat slippers or kolhapuri chappals. They are comfortable and have designs made on the straps. They are available in all the colours and sizes. They look good with kurtas and suits usually. They are comfortable and are skid proof.casual shoes for boys
  1. heels: Indian heels can be found in wedge heels, kitten heels, high heels, platforms and other heel types. One can find them from high inch to low inch heels. They are comfortable and looks good.

These were some of the Indian footwears available in the market for both men and women. they are designed with perfection and are comfortable.

After considering the designs, styles and price of the footwear one should never forget about the following factors to buy the perfect and best pair for themselves:

  1. Brand: this is the most important factor that one should consider before buying any type of footwear because if one buy’s non branded footwears it can lead to heel pain or foot injury or other issues. And the material of non – branded footwear can harm one’s skin. But in Indian wear some of the local Indian footwears are also very good. So, one should try and buy.
  2. Comfortability: footwear shoes should be purchased according to one’s comfortability. One should always buy the footwear after trying them personally.
  3. Heels: if someone is not comfortable with heels, they can buy flat gladiators. Heels look better but if someone have foot pain or any other problem then they should go with flats.

These were some of the important factors that one should always consider before buying footwears to avoid foot issues like: seed corn, blisters, bunions, heel-spur and many such issues related to foot.fv

Some of the famous brands that one can look for Indian wear footwears are as follows:

Brands for men footwears Brands for women footwears
1.    Mouretti a.     fizzy goblet
2.    Jaypore b.    needle dust
3.    Von huette c.     Inc. inc.
4.    Bata d.    Mochi
5.    Ruosh e.     Catwalk

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