Things to do in Triund Trek

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Things to do in Triund Trek

Triund Trek is considered as one of the most famous and most stunning treks in Himachal Pradesh. Triund is located at the Dhauladhar ranges in the Himalayas at an altitude around 2828 meters or 9350 feet approximately. The starting point of this trek is from Mcleodganj near Dharamshala, which is said to be the place where the Dalai Lama stayed in exile when he came from Tibet. The place showcases the Tibetan culture and the splendid monasteries, prayer flags, wheel, lamas. The landscape offers the views of Dhauladhar Ranges viz. Mun, Rifle Horn, Arthur’s seal and slabs. Triund Trek can be easily done due to its well defined routes. It is not the tough knot to crack but nevertheless gives a stunning experience like any other high altitude trek gives. Triund can be visited at any time of the year especially in the month of March to the mid of June before monsoon arrives here. It becomes inaccessible during the winter due to heavy snowfall in this area.

Trek duration: 2 days
Starting point: Mcleodganj
Trek distance: 15 km

Other than trekking there are certain exciting and magnificent sites including temples, monasteries ,view point and many other things which one can get to experience in Mcleodganj. Some of them are as follows:-

Things to do in Triund Trek

● Bhagsu Waterfall

Bhagsu waterfall is one of the most famous attractions of Mcleodganj. Located in the serene village of Bhagsu with the height of 20m. It is visited by many devotees due to the presence of Lord Shiva temple nearby. A long stretch of trekking takes one to this majestic Bhagsu falls. The route is easily accessible for the trekkers due to its sound construction. The best time to visit is from the month of June to September due to its pleasant weather.

● Tibetan Museum

The Tibetan Museum in Mcleodganj is a fine example of Tibetan architecture and was primarily built in 1998 to preserve the history and culture of Tibet. It has been a major tourist attraction for visitors all across the world. The Tibetan Museum is purely a workmanship built in a traditional white and yellow Tibetan style of architecture. The special article available here are museum kits, various catalogs, and different books. The museum also takes initiatives to educate the Tibetan community about the values of human rights, democracy and environment preservation.

● Gina Devi Temple

Situated at a distance of 8 km from the Mcleodganj bus stand and 13 km from the Dharamshala bus stand. Gina Devi Temple at Guna near Mcleodganj in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The temple is being dedicated to Goddess Kali. Pilgrims from the neighbouring villages including Kangra, and Dharamshala come here to offer prayers. It is situated at an altitude of 2310m in Kangra valley. The picturesque scenery of the temple makes it a must visit for every tourist.

● Bhagsunath Temple

Bhagsunath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva situated about 3 km from Mcleodganj. It is also situated on the way to the famous Bhagsu waterfall. It is mostly visited by the local Gorkha and Hindu community. Surrounded by lovely pools and lush greenery. The temple is surrounded by major tourist attractions such as the Dal Lake and the Kotwali Bazar. The best time to visit Bhagsunath Temple is during the month of September.

● Kalachakra Temple

Situated next to the famous Tsuglagkhang temple, the Kalachakra Temple is open to the public as the center of pilgrimage. The temple is being dedicated to the Kalachakra where ‘Kala’ is the Sanskrit word meaning time and ‘ Chakra” means wheel. The wall and columns of the temple feature traditional Tibetan Thangka paintings. It is one of the most sacred sites in Dharamshala. The Kalachakra signifies four aspects viz. wisdom, body, mind and speech. There is the image of Lord Buddha at the centre which represents wisdom while the other deities around him represents body, mind and speech.

● Naddi view point

Naddi view point offers a wonderful view of Kangra valley, Dharamshala town. At an altitude of 7152 ft. from the sea level this amazing village is a well-known place for trekking experience and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is the perfect location to view the massive Dhauladhar range at such a close distance. Most people who come here, come for trekking and therefore stay for 7-8 hours or even a whole day.

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