Tips to Make Your Custom Candle Boxes Enthralling

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Candles are considered the symbol of happiness and relation. Due to this, the demand for candles is never laid down, but the evolutionary advancements transform beautifully. Now multiple flavors and fragrances are waiting on market shelves to fulfill our needs. And, these candles are packed in custom candle boxes to spread their magic in the eyes of people. Most of the brands make mistakes and choose premade or low-grade boxes to pack their candles. But it totally wrong idea; rather, it decreases the value of your brand, and no one wants to buy low-quality products. Premade boxes are cheap but cannot able to cater the demand of the customers and industries. Let see; custom candle boxes are best compared to other boxes to pack candles. 

Why are Custom Candle Boxes In Demand?

The use of custom candle boxes allows you to choose every aspect according to your dearie. But if you go for premade boxes, you always choose one standard size and lowest-quality of designs for all your candles. Whether you provide what kind of candle range you offer for your customers, they never choose the products covered in simple brown wrapping. 

Moreover, custom candles boxes offer you print the content that delivers your brand message to your customers. Also, it provides information about the candle’s flavors and quantity as well. And, it provides durable protection to your candles from damaging and de-shaping. 

Use Outclass Cardstock for Custom Candle Boxes 

The first tip is to use a quality cardstock that is heavy-duty and capable of protecting your candles from damaging factors. As you know, the packaging is the first element that communicates with your audiences and delivers information regarding the quality of the product as well. Hence, you need to use thick cardstock for your custom candle boxes to play the best role in enhancing your customer’s engagement. 

For this purpose, you can use cardboard and Kraft to make effective candle boxes for your brand. Cardboard offers a smooth texture to your candle boxes, and it is also recyclable. But Kraft is famous in the industry due to having easy decomposition in soil and biodegradability. If you want to do some extraordinary to make your candle packaging ostentatious, you can go for rigid candle boxes.  

Insertion of Design on Your Candle Packaging Boxes 

The exterior design is the first encounter between your rand and your customers. So, the design must be unique and distinctive to build your brand authority. Sometimes brands use floral patterns on candle boxes with symmetrical patterns to give an entrancing look make of your brand to your customers. Many other design patterns are trendy in the industry, likewise, the use of blurring patterns, abstract design, intricate lines, and geometrical shapes design. Next to this, some brands pick marbling design with vintage gold look for custom candle boxes wholesale to pack the bulk amount of candles appealingly. Here are some points that your packaging design needs to be careful about for better-printed candle boxes. 

  • Don’t merge too much design for one candle box. 
  • Be comprehensive to finalize the content that you want to display on candle boxes. 
  • Avoid using the large size of the logo on small candle sizes. 
  • Adopt chic, bold, and vivid colors for candle packaging. 

Pick Awesome Styles for Candle Boxes 

It is very common to use the stylish and mesmerizing style for candle boxes wholesale. But only stylish design is not able to captivate the customers if it is not user friendly. This means which style you choose for your candle packaging must be easy to open and user-friendly. Similarly, if your end-users have difficulty opening your candle boxes, they never buy your items again. So here are some styles of candle boxes that are famous in the industry. 

  • 2-piece candle box 
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom box 
  • Bookend boxes 
  • Flower top closure candle box 
  • Flip-top candle boxes 
  • Coopered lid candle boxes 
  • Sleeve candle boxes 

Similar to the above styles, some unique shapes are also famous in the industry to pack the candles in secure boxes. Here is the list of some famous shades of candle packaging that manufacturers adopt as per tier budget. 

  • Cylindrical shape 
  • Hexagonal shape 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 
  • Triangle shaped boxes 

Use of Extra Security Material 

The protection of candles is the most important thought that emerges in every candle manufacturer. Due to this, they invest in solutions that provide extra protection to their candles from damaging and de-shaping facts. So, you need to use the enlisting materials for the protection of your candles. 

  • Bauble and cushion wrap 
  • Beans bags 
  • Tray 
  • Fence partitions 
  • Punch partitions 
  • Eva foam 

You can choose the security material to place in the box to protect products according to the budget you invest in for the preeminent packaging of your candles. 

Corrugated Candle boxes For Safe Shipping 

Most of their people buy their products from the market shelves, but sometimes people buy items from online outlets. A simple cardboard box and PVC plastic are not enough to pack your candles and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep securely. So, you need to pick corrugated candle boxes for the shipment of candles from place to place. 

Corrugated material is contained on two panels that sandwiched zigzag flutes. Each flute size has individual qualities, and brands choose the flute’s size according to their product’s demand and affordability. However, many shipping box styles are common; likewise, auto flaps lock, butterfly locks, and mailer boxes hold your secondary packaging box securely. 

Wisely Use Add-on on the Candle Packaging’s Boxes 

The use of an add-on enhances the adorability of your candle box packaging boxes. So, you need to choose additional ad-on for candle cases to keep fit in your budget. The use of foiling, metallic tones, window cutouts, coatings, embossing, debossing, laminations, UV spot pattern make your candle packaging boxes bewitching. The use of foiling gives a shiny and shimmery touch to their surface with gold or silver. If you want more colors of foiling for your packagings, you can use other metallic shades for this purpose. Here is the list of colors that are common in the industry. 

  • Bronze 
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Soft pink 
  • Rose gold 
  • Turquoise 
  • Teal 

On the other hand, embossing gives raised surface to our design and content, and debossing give a sunken look to your designs. Also, many brands choose blind embossing or debossing for their packaging. Furthermore, you can use spot UV patterns to give a shinny look to the particular surface of the box and a matte look to give a velvety or settle look to your box. 

Wrapping up Discussion

So, the above discussion shows how you can make your candle boxes packaging catchy and sparkling. Therefore, you can use coatings, foiling, innovative styles, and thriving decisions on custom candle boxes to make up-to-the-mark. Add to this, cardstock’s quality must be durable and robust to bear the weight of heavy candles. You can increase safety by using security material likes bubble cushion wrap, trays, fences, and pun partitions. Plus, you need to use corrugated cardstock for shipping candles from one place to another. It is all up to you what you and not pick for your customized or personalized candle boxes. 


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