Top 10 best eco friendly cleaning products this summer

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Do you ever wonder if all those cleaning items you purchase are safe for your kids or not? Due to pandemics, we are spending the majority of our time at home. So it’s time to be extra thoughtful on what cleaning products you use for cleaning your kids’ room or kitchen. Natural and eco-friendly home cleaning items can ensure your wellbeing and of the environment too. However, not all of us have time to do DIY cleaning things. There are thousands of companies out in the market that promise you to sell all-natural and harmless cleaning products. Nowadays almost all products are labeled as eco-friendly. Remember that even after the label, not all brands can ensure 100 percent environment-friendly products. Sometimes these labels mean nothing at all.

Then you might be asking yourself, how to buy natural and eco-friendly cleaning products? Well, the experts recommend us to see if the products you are buying are certified by the environmentalist organization or having verified eco-labels or not. To make things a bit easier for you, we did that research and have brought the top 10 eco-friendly cleaning products for you.


  • Blueland Multi-Surface Cleaner

A brand that not just cares about you, they also take care of our environment. How? This brand aims to reduce the number of single-use plastic counts from the environment. Their name “blue land” itself signifies their mission. They sell products in reusable bottles. In a way, their target is to reduce the carbon footprint and enable you to live a low-waste lifestyle. All of their products are verified by top environmental groups. Their products are ammonia-free, and also paraben-free


  • Cleaning Vinegar

Vinegar itself is a natural thing used for cleaning so many things at home. Vinegar is of many types which include white, red, apple cider, champagne, and many more. However, cleaning vinegar is entirely different. The main difference between your white cooking vinegar and cleaning vinegar is its acidity. The cleaning vinegar is more acidic, which makes it stronger and effective. The company Aunt Fannie’s adds some natural essential oils and plant cleaner to give a fresh smell to it. 


  •  Elements

The 9 Elements bathroom cleaner was created by two scientists to bring an eco-friendly solution, which won’t irritate our skin. With that aim in mind, they formulated this plant-based cleaning product. However, they also promise to not compromise the quality of cleanliness you always prefer. Their commitment to using 9 effective simple and natural elements will deliver peace of mind. Their products come with varying scents which include lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosewater, and Rosemary.


  • JAWS Cleaner

The brand JAWS is the overall best source for any refillable cleaning products you want. They provide you products for cleaning your kitchen, showers, bathrooms, windows, hardware floors, and everything similar to it. Whether you clean your office or your kids’ room, you can rely on their harsh chemical-free products. They produce non-toxic and eco-friendly floor cleaners too. If you have a pet, or someone who is very allergic to chemicals, then this is ideal for you. Along with that, JAWS produce reusable high-quality bottles that don’t fill the land and waterways unnecessarily. 


  • ECOS hypoallergenic Hand soap

Their name itself says it all. A hand soap comes in some different formulas like Lavender, lemongrass, orange blossom, and many more. They use only non-toxic ingredients, so they are safe for your kids, pets, adults, and allergic patients. In this pandemic, we have doubled the usage of hand soap in our daily life. And we end up with dry hands. However, many people got a positive result from using it and their hands don’t feel dry even after using it multiple times. 


  • Boulder Clean toilet bowl cleaner

We often see that toilet cleaner cleans very nicely but produces strong unbearable smells. The brand Blouder Clean has no toxic chemicals and chlorine. Their products are not tested on animals and do not produce any harsh fumes. Their products are safe to use at home having kids and pets. Along with powerful cleaning performance, they also protect the environment. They don’t just claim, their brand is certified by the environmentalist groups. Some of the ingredients include Eucalyptus, corn-derived agent, rosemary oils, and many more. 


It is a brand that has been serving people for more than 25 years. The brand Seventh generation uses a plant-based enzyme to achieve high cleaning power. This natural dish soap is scented with 100 percent botanical extracts and essential oil. This helps to remove the strong smell of chlorine, and dyes. Plants-based ingredients like surfactants leave your dishes sparkling clean. Even those fussy egg stains are removed easily. Their brand is a certified b corporation. By choosing this seventh-generation product, you nurture the health of your coming next seven generations. 


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