Top Places to visit in Switzerland to Create Memories

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One of the most beautiful European countries, Switzerland is a key location for industries having global reach. But the country didn’t just earn a reputation for industries but for its spellbinding tourist places. From breath-taking mountains to quaint villages having clear crystal lakes, Switzerland has everything a traveller would look for to explore. Whether you are visiting your partner or going for a solo backpack, you shouldn’t miss some of the top places of Switzerland.

To help you out, we have listed those top and must visit places in Switzerland to create memories:

The Matterhorn


The most photographed mountain in Switzerland, Matterhorn is a pyramid shape giant. Standing at an impressive 4,478 meters, for mountaineers this is quite thrilling to explore and reach the summit. If you don’t want to waste your energy in climbing, then book a cable car that will take you to the top giving you the gorgeous view. It has the highest cable car in the Alp. The best time to visit is during the winter season when the entire mountain and villages near are covered by the snow.

Chateau de Chillon


Your trip to Switzerland won’t be complete unless you visit this medieval Chateau de Chillon. Located at the island of Lake Geneva, this castle dates back to the 10th century and was built as a strategic water fort. Later, after years, it was turned into lakeside summer home for rich counts of savoy. Each room of the castle is decked up with art and treasures. Currently known as the castle, it is Switzerland’s most visited monument by travellers.



One of the highest mountains in Switzerland, Jungfraujoch can be reached through train. The observation terrace and scientific observatory perched at the height of 3,454 meters. This Great Aletsch Glacier is the longest glacier in Europe begins at Jungfraujoch, and is now listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides this, the place also has the Panorama Way located to the south-facing First Slope. You can reach the base village called Grindelwald, making it the most adventured mountain to explore.

St. Moritz



One of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland, St. Moritz offers a scenic view of mirror-like lakes, snow-capped peaks, alpine forests and adorable homes. Blessed with an abundance of alpine valley, St. Moritz sits at the height of 1800 meters above sea level. The town is divided into two parts: St. Moritz Dorf which overlooks Lake St. Moritz. The other is the St. Moritz Bad located on the valley floor. During the winter season, one can enjoy several mountain adventures including skiing, bobsledding and others.



Located on the bank of River Aare, Bern is the Swiss capital and still holds medieval old towns. Bern is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While exploring the city, you can enjoy visiting the tallest cathedral in Switzerland that gives the panoramic views of the entire city. Then there are these 16th century fountains, six kms long shopping streets and The Rose Garden.

Switzerland has a good blend of beautiful mountainous regions, mixed culture and happening lifestyle. You will surely get to enjoy exploring this country as a backpacker or for a honeymoon. If you are travelling to this country from India, then book your tickets from PickYourTrail now. Here, you will find a complete Switzerland tour package from India consisting of accommodation and places to visit. Do plan now and enjoy your overseas trip.

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