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Kudremukh is known for the biodiversity and scenic beauty of the mountainside which looks like a horse’s face. Kudremukh is actually a hilltop of Chikmagalur district in Karnataka, a famous hill station amongst the Bangalore crowds. With its mountain paths and floral and faunal diversity, Kudremukh Peak is a paradise both for hikers and naturists.

This place is a place for biodiversity with its rolled meadows, grasslands, and dense forests. Kudremukh is a magical place to visit, which, despite the persistent threats to its ecosystem from various sources, still retains great natural beauty. Varaha Parvatha is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, another mountain range at an altitude of 1458 meters above sea level nearby.

Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh is a refuge for hikers and naturists alike, with mountain trails and floral and faunal biodiversity, at an altitude of 1894 m above sea level.

The panoramic scene from the top with the sky and clouds over the Arab Sea is astounding. The myriad scenery that it offers on its way, from large bamboo bogs and shola woods to river banks and rolling hills, is one of the unique features. The peak is in the flora and fauna-rich Kudremukh National Park. Kudremukh offers numerous trekking trips on the lush green hills of the Western Ghats along with the majesty of the Western Ghats and the surreal landscapes. The Kudremukh trek is the most popular and scenic tour. The trek takes you through the Kudremukh wildlife sanctuary, where tigers, leopards, wild dogs, deers, and other fauna species can live.

The hike starts from Mullodi’s tiny hamlet. At an altitude of 1,894 km above sea level, 9 km (one way) north, you can enjoy some of the best views of the Western Ghats. You get to see everything in one location from the beauty of western Ghats to numerous lakes, waterfalls, and aromatic coffee plantations. Hanuman Gundi Falls, which falls up to your highest height, is the most important attraction along with the Kudremukh peak. Hanuman Gundi Falls is a lovely waterfall cascade of Kudremukh in the center of the western Ghats hilly grounds.

National Park of Kudremukh,

Kudremukh National Park is located in the mountains and is renowned for its picturesque beauty. In 1987, the 600-kilometer square area was declared a national park status and is one of the state’s most well maintained national parks. The Kudremukh national park is full of natural wonders, high climbing mountains, plenty of flora and fauna, and picturesque trekking routes through green pastures. The protected wildlife area is the second-largest in the Western Ghats area of a tropical rainforest, which is evergreen.

The zone is named after the mother tongue. Kudremukha means horse face, which refers to the highest point in the park that is close to a particular horse’s face. The height in Karnataka is the second highest, reaching a high of 1.894 meters (6.214 feet).


In the Karnataka district of Chikkamagaluru, Kalasa, also known as the temple city is situated. On the edge of the Bhadra River is a lovely city. Both mythological and etymological are the reasons behind the place’s birth. It is encircled by a rainforest and is a great spot for a nature break. This place depends largely on the river Bhadra for water, as an agricultural economy. It is fair with its name as the soil of Kalasa is blessed to produce the best herbs and coffee. Kalasa is also famous for Goddess Bhagavathi’s shrine and Varaha’s inside a cave.

The Temple of Sri Kalashwara, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located in Kalasa. It is also named a temple town in Karnataka that exhibits South India’s architectural heritage of different styles and design ideologies that reflect the country’s rich culture. To give their supplication, pilgrims from across the area come down to the city of the temple.

Overview of Gangamoola

This mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as the Parvatha Varaha at a height of 1458m. The Tunga, Bhadra, and Nethravati river sources are located in this area.

The most important attractions are the Bhagavathi Goddess Temple and a cellar with a 6-meter high Varaha portrait. This is ore-rich with deposits of magnetite quartzite. It’s also a hotspot for over 107 bird species.

The market of Janta,

Kudremukh’s Janta Market is the main shopping center for the picturesque small town, where basic products and souvenirs can be found. It was historically regarded as the market for Bhadra.

Kudremukh Summary, Hanuman Gundi Falls

This peaceful and serene area is an attraction for people looking for a relaxing day amid the beauty of nature and is buzzing down from an altitude of over 100 feet on natural rocks.

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