Want to earn good income from travel blog? These tips can help

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Everyone wants to earn a good amount from their blog but it is not an easy task. Along with good writing style and creativity you also need to invest a keen attention while selecting the niches. One of the most rewarding niches is travel. Travelling is regarded as one of the best and the healthiest ways pf entertainment and distressing. Besides, people generally wish to know about different options and seek qualified advice before going on any journey.


In this digital era people also rely on the reviews and blogs by travel writers to find the best destinations and most favorbale ways of travelling. So, travel bloggers can get traffic and visitors on their blogs with reasonable efforts. The next thing is how to monetize the blog. In this post we are going to discuss some of the best ways that will enable you to turn your travel blog into a profitable digital enterprise:



Publish sponsored posts on your blog

Sponsored posts are another and perhaps among the earliest blog monetization methods. With time its popularity has multiplied as businesses are getting more aware of the power of writing.  Besides, there are many online businesses related to travel services or products.

While having traffic helps the main emphasis in sponsored posts model is on the credibility domain authority and the search engine ranking of your blog. So, you need to invest proper attention and resource in SEO. Hiring professional SEO agencies could be expensive and there is always guesswork involved. So, make sure that you properly check the reviews before hiring such agencies. You can also check different SEO tools for keyword research, SEO checklist, and overall SEO report. These tools can automate almost up to 80% of your SEO strategies.


Insert Native ads

Native ads work as a reliable alternative for its conventional peer-contextual ads. The Native ads are generally good for blogs dealing with a broad range of subjects as their income is directly influenced by the attendance and clicks of different blocks.

Different native ad networks offer different CPCs and the best approach is to install multiple blocks associated with different systems to observe and shortlist the rewarding option and pick the one that pays the most.


Ask and accept donations

The blogger who has established a good affinity with the visitors and readers can also earn a good income through donations. You might have seen many blogs and even the high-end news sites like NYTimes asking people to donate and they are ready to accept as low as $1 which proves the high volume of visitors who are likely to donate. You may not be globally popular like these huge brands but by earning the trust of your visitors you can also expect a good amount of donations to make decent savings after deducting your running costs.


Credibility plays a major role when it comes to donations. Just asking for a donation without specifying any specific mission or purpose sounds fishy and people generally consider it as a scam. So always work on a specific relevant and real mission that can be of interest to the travelers’ community like telling them about the costs of your last trip that you documented for your audiences. Likewise, you can also mention the costs related to different apparatus used for creating material for the blogs like drones, cameras, sophisticated Smartphone models or mike, etc. You can mention the costs associated with your blog and how donations will help you travel more and uploading new, fresh posts on your blog.


Offer exclusive material restricted to paid members

If you are sure about the quality of material you publish on your blog then you may also go for the subscription model where you can restrict access to some parts of your blog that can be unlocked after making a payment. For that, you need to seriously review the quality of your blog.


Make sure that your blog aligns with the superior quality standards in terms of presentation, information, and writing style.  Also, you need to optimize the things depending upon the response of the people. For instance, if you don’t get any paid subscriptions after a reasonable waiting period then think about delivering something unique and keeping it unlocked for some time. If the response is significantly positive you can then lock that and make it exclusive for paid subscribers only.


Sell your travel blog (Last Option)

Many times it becomes very difficult to monetize your blog and often you may not find any specific reason behind that. It may not be a wise decision to keep on trying for infinity. Rather you can go for an easier and quicker option. You may simply sell your entire blog to an interested party and start afresh with a new website or a fresh concept.


One thing to keep in mind is that this is the last option. Only if you have tried all the options for blog monetization but failed to get success then you can think of selling your blog.



Humankind is always interested in exploring new places and cultures. This is the reason why travel literature has always been a great source of inspiration for eh global population of readers. More recently the committed travelers with gifted writing skills have even turned it into a full-time profession by starting their travel blogs. In this post, we mentioned some of the best ways to earn from your travel blog.

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