Ways to Fix The Rock Space AC750 Extender When it’s Showing Some Issues

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The Rock Space AC750 extender is a booster for spreading the internet network signals. The extender transfers 800 Gigabit per second with two supported frequencies like 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequency. The brand of the device is Rock space. The device can spread the range up to 1300square feet. This device is used in offices, homes, and mostly in factories. The 2.4 GHz radio frequency is used for spreading the connection in wide coverage and the 5GHz radio frequency is used for faster speed. You can choose the location of the device with the help of the LED lights. When the blue lights are blinking your connection is good and when it blinks the red connection. So, your connection is bad. The device has two external antennas for spreading connections into the whole home coverage.

The device setup and installation are very via the rock space app. You need to secure the extender by putting the new key separate from the router password. It is compatible with every router and this is used to increase the network performance of the router. Next, I will discuss the features of the extender in the below lines.

Features of The Rock Space AC750 Extender

There are multifarious features of the wireless rock space booster. To trigger with,

Full Internet Coverage:

This device covers the full space where you want to spread the signals. The coverage of the device is 360° degrees. The device covers almost 1300 square feet area with internet signals.

Stable Connection:

If you set the right location of the device. Thus, this device provides you a fully stable connection. You enjoy gaming, video streaming without any lack of internet connection.

Struggle in Deep Range Field:

This device works in the low range area because this device is mainly used to expand the signals. You need to locate this within the router coverage. The ac750 extender automatically selects the radio frequency according to the area.

Compatible with Almost Every Router:

This is compatible with every router. The extended work 99% of every router which is available in the markets. But, you need to set up correctly with the router for better functioning.

APP Control:

The rock space app is given with the extender. You can download this app by scanning the QR Code and from the website of the extender. All guidelines about all processes of the router are available on the app and you can change all the settings via the app.


These are the outstanding features of the rock space wireless extender.

Setup steps of The Rock Space AC750 Extender

Initially, you need to rock space ac750 wifi extender setup your device correctly to prevent any problem from not working. After completing the setup, you should solve any issue. To begin with,


Firstly, plug your extender and computer and connect with the wifi. Secondly, download the browser on your computer or mobile phone. Thirdly, search this into the browser, and then, the web page will be opened. Enter the admin password and username for login into the device. After that, the web of the extender was opened. If in any case that does not, you can reset your device for configuring the settings.


Rock Space AC750 Extender, not working problems and solutions

I will discuss the causes of not working along with the solution in the upcoming paragraphs.

Uninstall the firewall security and Antivirus:

You set the firewall security on the login and you do not use this form kong time. But, the firewall settings are on. Thus, this web page does not open. So, you can restart or reboot your device. After completing the process, try again to log in.

Clear all the caches to the web browser:

When you want to login into the browser, it shows the failure continuously. That time, you need to clear all the caches and cookies to the web browser for it to work properly.

Due to the Error of firmware:

If your device does not log in. Not connect to the other with a wireless connection, and you are not able to change ant settings. So, first, you should check the firmware of the device. Your device needs an update. Thus, your device is not working. Download the new version update for getting new features and high performance. After downloading a file, put this into the updated option.

Wrong IP address and use easy setup assistance

If your device’s IP address is wrong and you use a heavy setup assistant because that puts pressure on the device activities. Thus, your device is not able to work and modify any setting. For solving this, you should change the appropriate IP address and install easy setup assistance.


The rock space extender is a wonderful booster for expanding the internet signals. My friend purchased this product from amazon because he purchased every form online. Yesterday, I went to their home and saw that device which was plugged into the switch. He told me all the features and information about this device. After 2 hours, I came to their home and I read all things about this extender from the rockspace wifi extender manual. It’s such an excellent device.

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