What Are Common Treatments In Pune For Turner Syndrome?

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Turner Syndrome is a condition that is observed only in females. It can cause various developmental and medical problems like short height, underdeveloped ovaries and heart defects. This article discusses some common treatments for Turner syndrome along with the benefits of using a health card.

Turner syndrome is usually diagnosed before birth or during infancy, or in early childhood. This problem occurs when one of the X chromosomes is entirely or partially missing. However, in some cases, when females show mild symptoms, the diagnosis can be delayed until their teen or young adult years.

Those who suffer from Turner syndrome require medical care and proper checkups from specialists as appropriate care and treatments lead to a healthy and independent lifestyle.

What Are The Symptoms Of Turner Syndrome?

The signs and symptoms of turner syndrome can alter among females with the disorder. For some, it may be observed while in the womb, whereas for others, it may take a while.

  1. Before Birth

Turner syndrome can be diagnosed before birth through DNA screening, depicting the missing chromosome in the baby. The symptoms include the prenatal ultrasound showing an extensive fluid collection on the back of the neck or other abnormal accumulation of fluid, abnormal kidneys or heart defects.

  1. At Birth Or During Infancy

 The signs of Turner syndrome in an infant may include:

  • Short fingers and toes
  • Low-set ears
  • Outward turned arms at the elbows
  • Wide neck
  • Broad chest and widely spaced nipples
  • Narrow and upward turned fingernails and toenails
  • The high, thin roof of the mouth
  • Heart abnormalities
  • Low hairline at the back of the head
  • Small lower jaw
  • Slow growth
  • Slightly smaller at the time of birth than the average height
  1. In Childhood Or Adulthood

 The signs of Turner syndrome in a child or adult may include:

  • A slower rate of growth than ordinary people
  • Adult height might be lesser as compared to other family members
  • Failure in the evolution of sexual development at the expected age
  • Early end of menstrual cycles
  • Most females are unable to conceive a child without the assistance of a fertility specialist

What Are The Common Treatments For Turner Syndrome?

There is no such cure for thoroughly treating Turner syndrome. However, some treatments can minimize the symptoms of the syndrome.

  • Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT)

 This therapy helps in initializing secondary sexual development that usually starts at around 12 years of age. The treatment consists of the widening of underdeveloped hips and breasts. This therapy also prevents bone loss.

  • Human Growth Hormone

It is usually given in early childhood and can increase height by a few inches.

Besides these standard treatments, it is recommended that females who suffer from Turner syndrome must regularly go for health checkups. Turner syndrome can result in several health problems like ear infections, vision problems, kidney problems, autoimmune disorders, skeletal issues, learning disabilities, mental health problems, heart problems, thyroid problems and blood pressure.

This syndrome can affect the proper development of the body. However, the extent of the same can vary among people.

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Turner syndrome is a severe disorder among females and can lead to several health issues; however, regular checkups can prevent the progression of such ailments. Moreover, a health card can give you a single-handed solution to all your medical expenses and help you pay them later in instalments.

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