What Are The Benefits Of Aquaguard Service?

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It is essential not to take aqua guards, and aqua purifiers for granted as these water purifier machines ensure that the water consumed is free of all pollutants and is safe for drinking.

Water purifiers rid the water of both physical and organic impurities. It is a combination of many filters and purifiers that ensure the water is safe for consumption. That is why you must maintain your aqua guard at regular intervals.

Step By Step Guide To Aqua-Guard Maintenance

Water purifiers such as Aquaguards are known for their effective handling of physical and organic impurities and freeing the water of any microorganisms that prove harmful to humans. And this sector is primarily handled by the filters that are installed in the purifier. So that is where you should begin your . Aquaguard Service

● Changing The Filters At Regular Intervals:

It is the water filter that functions ceaselessly to purify the contaminated water eliminating contaminants. You should check the quality of water that will be inputted in the purifier and set your purification method accordingly. Most Aquaguard customer care uses advanced technology and can immediately sense the input water type and suggest the user set the machine accordingly. With regular usage, the contaminants get accumulated in the filter and reduce the functionality of it. This interferes with the flow of water. The water might also start giving out a foul smell. When you notice these signs, change your filters at once, or you can call your aquaguard service agency and get it done.

● Drips and Leakage Must Not Be Taken Lightly

Drips and leaks are major signs that the aquaguard is in desperate need of maintenance. These signs must not be ignored, and you should at once get in touch with a technician and get it solved. It is wrongly assumed that you need to reinstall a new purifier once a leakage is spotted. Any minor leakage can be fixed immediately by the technician, and only in case of major leakage, you need to get a few parts replaced.

● Replacing The RO Membrane

RO Purifiers are specially designed to deal with excessive pollutant waters with high TDS content. The RO membrane absorbs a huge amount of impurities and colloidal particles that pass through it. So with repeated use nearly every day, the membrane gets blocked by the particles it absorbs. As a result of this, the water purified will have a foul smell and taste. Replace the membrane immediately once you notice such signs. It is highly advised that the aquaguard should be maintained at regular intervals to keep the filtration quality intact as it plays one of the key parts in purifying water.

● Annual Maintenance

Every household gadget needs proper maintenance at regular intervals, and water purifiers are no exception. With every aqua guard comes a handy brochure that gives you the necessary directives about maintenance and operating the purifier. You must also keep the numbers of technicians or servicing companies handy. Most companies such as Aquaguard and Eureka Forbes also have online portals through which you can book your servicing. Most water purifiers come with a year warranty, and the servicing for one year is done by the company.

● Servicing At Home Frequently

Aquaguard service at home by authorised technicians ensures that the water purifier gives optimal purification at all times. This regular check on the device is beneficial in the long run. As a part of in-house maintenance, you should drain the water out of the tank after 48hours as it becomes unfit for consumption. You should also clean the exterior body of the purifier and keep it clean.

Given above are the advantages of Aquaguard Customer Care now you might ask, how can you get in touch with an organisation that will provide you with all of that. In the next section of this article, we will provide you with all the information about that.

Which AMC Should You Choose For Your Aquaguard?

AMC stands for Aquaguard Maintenance Contact, and primarily, there are three types of AMC’s such as 1. Labour Only Contract 2. Comprehensive with Labour Contract 3. Spare parts and Labour Intrusive Contract. Now you might think, why do you need an AMC service? The answer is a simple one yes, if you use your purifier every day.

Some Major Advantages of Domestic Aquaguard Maintenance Service Are As Follows

● Assured Services

Once you have subscribed to any AMC plan, you will be helped whenever you need them. The companies have trained professionals who are just a call away.

● Convenience

The maintenance team will remain in touch with you all 7 days a week and round the clock access through their very convenient and personal SMS service.

● Awesome Upgradation Offers

The AMC company comes up with various new and unique offers that are highly lucrative to you. These offers save you a lot of money, and you benefit from them. These offers include discount offers and also old purifier exchange offers.

● Spare Parts

The Aquaguard customer care provided by the company will only replace the old parts with genuine new parts. Under a water purifier maintenance contact, you have every right to expect the best, and will only be delivered the best.

● Refund and Exchange

In the rarest cases, the technicians cannot successfully repair the machine, if so your money will be refunded immediately by the company. Or else the company might be ready to offer you an exchange offer where you will be able to replace the old one.


Maintaining a water purifier optimises its abilities to the maximum level. Aquaguards service must be done annually. The main aim of every Aquaguard service company is to provide absolute satisfaction to their customers. AMC’s make sure that every little thing is taken care of. Your satisfaction is their priority.

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